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1901 Census

Transcription Copyright © Paddy Apling, March 2004.
Transcribed from microfilm held by Norwich Records Office.
Original © British Crown Copyright. No responsibility for the accuracy or comprehensiveness of this transcription is implied or accepted by Her Majesty's Stationery Office.


SOUTHBURGH. RG13/1869 Folios 07-10 Fiche 1

The Civil Parish of Southburgh St. Andrew (part of)

Arthur Thomas Farrier, enumerator
Wm H Tench, registrar
Walter M Barton, Superintendant Registrar

Contents of the enumeration district:
Thompson's Farm, the King's Head Inn and the Cottages near, the houses and cottages to the Southburgh High Common boundary, Barnard's farm and cottages in the road leading to the church, the cottages near the boundaries of Hingham and Woodrising, Webster's Row, Cullyer's and Shepherds Farms.

Southburgh - entire:

Page 7.

1. Southburgh Rd
Edward Thompson, head, M, 60, farmer, employer, Southburgh - NFK
Maria Thompson, wife, M, 60, Ashwellthorpe - NFK
Elizabeth Thompson, mother, wid, 88, Great Ellingham - NFK
Maud Mary Cullyer, dau, M, 27, Norwich - NFK
George William Cullyer, son-in-law, M, 25, stockman on farm, Southburgh - NFK
Ida Maud Charlotte Cullyer, grand-dau, S, 5 mo., Southburgh - NFK

2. do.
William Nichols, hd, M, 32, blacksmith, own account, Shipdham - NFK
Laura Nichols, wife, M, 32, Hockering - NFK
Laura Marie Emily Maude Nichols, dau, 6, scholar, Yaxham - NFK

3. do.
Charles Eke, head, M, 70, roadman, Southburgh - NFK
Sarah Eke, wife, M, 69, Southburgh - NFK
Charles Eke, son, S, 35, guardman on farm, Southburgh - NFK
Emma Eke, dau, S, 31, Southburgh - NFK
Margaret Eke, dau-in-law, M, 26, Gorleston - SFK
Daisy Eke, grand-dau, S, 7, scholar, Southburgh - NFK

4. King's Head
William Bird, head, M, 52, publican, Cressingham - NFK
Matilda Bird, wife, M, 54. Cressingham - NFK
Arthur Bird, son, S, 31, publican's son, Cressingham - NFK

5. Post Office
Robert E. C. Rivett, hd, M, 39, Wheelwright, own account, Southburgh - NFK
Alice Rivett, wife, M, 31, Petersfield - Sussex [Hampshire ?]
Edward Rivett, father, widr, 68, retired wheelwright, Southburgh - NFK

6. Southburgh Rd
William John Barnard, hd, M, 44, farmer,Wicklewood - NFK
Christina Barnard, wife, M, 29, Filby - NFK
Clare Barnard, dau, S, 5, Great Ormesby - NFK
William John Barnard, son, S, 3, Southburgh - NFK
Thomas Edward Barnard, son, S, 1, Southburgh - NFK

7. do.
Charles Scrivener, hd, M, 38, stockman on farm, Walter Belchamp - Essex
Harriet Scrivener, mother, wid, 73, Ivertening [?} - Essex

8. Southburgh Road
James Eke, hd, M, 41, ordinary agricultural labourer, Southburgh - NFK
Anna Eke, wife, M, 40, Shipdham - NFK
James Eke, son, S, 22, stckman on farm, Shipdham - NFK
Alfred Eke, son, S, 17, cattleman on farm, Southburgh - NFK
Charles Eke, son, S, 13, ordinary agriculrural labourer, Southburgh - NFK

9. do.
Michael Middleton, hd, M, 66, thatcher, employer, Southburgh - NFK
Lucy Middleton, wife, M, 67, not known
Frances Stackherd, step-sister, S, 81, Hackford - NFK [blind]

10. do.
Frances Stebbing, hd, wid, 51, living on own means, Swaffham - NFK
Constance Stebbing, dau, S, 24, teacher of music,own account, Southburgh - NFK
Percy Stebbing, son, S, 14, Southburgh - NFK

11. do.
John Tennant, hd, M, 57, district council roadman, Southburgh - NFK
Sarah Ann Tennant, wife, M, 58, Hingham - NFK

12. Red Hall Farm
William F. Barnard, hd, M, 50, farmer, Hingham - NFK
Maria C. Barnard, wife, M, 42, Wicklewood - NFK
Harriet Barnard, mother-in-law, wid, 76, Southburgh - NFK
John B. Sewell, nephew, S, 18, Elsing - NFK

13. Red Hall Lane
Jemima Hagan, hd, wid, 53, Southburgh - NFK
William Hagan son, S, 31, carter on farm, Southburgh - NFK
George Hagan son, S, 26, ordinary farm labourer, Southburgh - NFK
John Hagan, son, S, 18, ordinar farm labourer, Southburgh - NFK
Thomas Hagan, son, S, 16, Southburgh - NFK

14. do.
William Fox, hd, M, 48, ordinary farm labourer, Southburgh - NFK
Sarah Fox, wife, M, 48, wife, Mattishall Burgh - NFK
John Fox, son, S, 17, yardman on farm, Southburgh - NFK
Anne Fox, dau, S, 13, Southburgh - NFK
Wright Fox, son, S, 7, scholar, Southburgh - NFK

15. Red Hall Lane
James Reeve, Head, M, 65, shepherd on farm, Swanton Morley - NFK
Martha Anne Reeve, wife, M, 65, Hevingham - NFK
Clare Reeve, dau, S, 23, Swanto Morley - NFK
Robert E. Reeve, son, S, 18, yardman on farm, Southburgh - NFK
Clare L. Reeve, granddau, S, 3, Southburgh - NFK
Samuel John Reeve, grandson, S, 5 mo., Southburgh - NFK

16. Red Hall Lane
Robert Barham, Head, M, 35, farmer, own account, Mattishall - NFK
Minnie Barham, wife, M, 36, Beverley - Yorkshire
George Llewellyn (?) Barham, son, S, 13, scholar, Rockland All Saints - NFK
Muriel Alice Barham, dau, S, 7, scholar, Southburgh - NFK
Robert Bertie Barham, son, S, 4, Southburgh
Sydney Walter Barham, son, S, 1, Southburgh - NFK
Percival Barham, son, S, 3 mo., Southburgh - NFK

17. Red Hall Lane
Charles F. Monument, Head, M, 31, carpenter, East Dereham - NFK
Minnie E. Monument, wife, M, 31, Runhill [= Runhall] - NFK
Hannal L. Monument, dau., S, 21, dressmaker, East Dereham - NFK

18. do.
Francis Greaves, Head, M, 73, carter on farm, Southburgh - NFK
Hannah Greaves, wife, 73, Beeston - NFK

19. do.
Robert Wilson Rose, Head, M, 57, stockman on farm, Southburgh - NFK
Margaret Elizabeth Wilson Rose, wife, M, 50, Hingham - NFK
Mary Ann Wilson Rose, dau, S, 18, Southburgh
Charlotte Wilson Rose, mother-in-law, wid, 80, Hingham - NFK

20. do.
Benjamin Greaves, Head, M, 65, carter on farm, Southburgh - NFK
Sarah Greaves, wife, 63, Woodrising - NFK
Mabel Greaves, dau, S, 16, Southburgh - NFK
Gerald Greaves, son, 16, grocer's apprentice, Southburgh - NFK

21. Church Lane
William Blake, Head, M, 45, horseman on farm, Bunwell - NFK
Margaret Blake, wife, M, 44, Hethersett - NFK

22. do.
Harriet Juby, Head, wid, 75, Hardingham - NFK
Sally Elizabeth Juby, grand-dau, S, 28, Southburgh


23 Church Lane
Rachel WARNER, head, wid, 77, Southburgh - NFK
Harriet Emma ABEL, visitor, s, 16, Southburgh

24 do.
George ABEL, head, M, 41, ordinary agricultural laboureer, Southburgh
Ann ABEL, wife, m, 36, Southburgh
Frederick Alfred ABEL, son, s, 13, Southburgh
Reginald John R. ABEL, son, 3, Southburgh
Wilfred G. ABEL, son, s, 1, Southburgh

25 Church Farm, Church Lane
F. M. BROWNE, head, s, 60, living on own means, Meerut - NWP, India
C. J. BROWNE, sister, s, 44, Ramsay, Isle of Man
Daisy SMITH, servant, s, 17, general domestic servant, Morley - NFK

26 Southburgh Common Road
James HART, head, m, 41, farmer, employer, East Bradenham - NFK
Ellen HART, wife, m, 32, Shipdham - NFK
Clear (?) HART, son, s, 9, Southburgh
Bartlett HART, son, s, 7, Southburgh
Ernest HART, s, 5, Southburgh
Ellen HART, daughter, s, 2, Southburgh
Harold HART, son, s, 4 months, Southburgh
Ann PRATT, servant, 16, general domestic servant, Woodrising

27 do.
Herbert DIXON, head, m, 80, retired farmer, Dickleburgh - NFK
Mary Elizabeth DIXON, wife, m, 75, Beighton - NFK [blind]
Susanna Sandl (?) CRATTFIELD, s, 40, companion, domestic servant, London (City)

28 Hingham Road
Jesse Elijah HAGAN, head, m, 28, ordinary agricultural labourer, Southburgh
Charlotte Mary HAGAN, wife, m, 28, Southburgh
Priscilla M. C. HAGAN, dau, s 4, Southburgh

29 do.
John BROWN, head, m, 37, horseman on farm, Southburgh
Maria BROWN, wife, m, 34, Woodrising
Margaret Daphne BROWN, dau, s, 6, Southburgh
Frederick J. BROWN, son, 3, Southburgh


30 Hingham Road
John SKIPPER, head, s, 40, horseman on farm, Hingham
Mary Ann LORRIMER, sister, m, 35, Hingham
Frederick C. HAWKINS, nephew, s, 11, Hingham

31 do.
Christopher SMITH, head, m, 69, ordinary agricultural labourer, Southburgh
Harriet M. SMITH, wife, m, 50, Saham - NFK
Charles SMITH, son, s, 17, ordinary agricultural labourer, Southburgh
Frederick SMITH, son, s,12, scholar, Southburgh
Percy E. SMITH, son, s,11, scholar, Southburgh
Samuel W. SMITH, son, s, 7, scholar, Southburgh

32 do.
James BERRY, head, m, 49, teamster on farm, Southburgh
Emily BERRY, wife, m, 49, Southburgh
James W. BERRY, son, s, 21, ordinary agricultural labourer, Southburgh
Walter Frderick BERRY, son, s, 12, Southburgh
Jonathan BERRY, son, s, 9, Southburgh

33 Sunny Row [1 uninhabited, not in occupation]
Jane CUPBIRD, head, s, 57, living on own means, Hingham

34 do.
James CLARKE, head, m, 60, horseman on farm, Hingham
Mary A CLARKE, wife, 51 (57?), Woodrising
Albert CLARKE, son, s, 26, ordinary agricultural labourer, Southburgh
Lily Elvira CLARKE, grand-daughter, sm 10, scholar, Southburgh

[3 uninhabited, not in occupation]

35. Hingham Road (Park Farm)
Charles Ed. CULLYER, head, m, 23, farmer, own account, Southburgh
Ellen Mary CULLYER, wife, 23, Earsham - NFK
Clotilda May CULLYER, daughter, 10 months, Southburgh
Alfred W WAITRICK, boarder, s, 23, gamekeeper, Watlington - NFK


36 Hingham Road (Farm)
Ishmail MILK, head, widower, 67, farmer, employer, Southburgh
George W. MILK, son, s, farmer's son, Southburgh
Florence MILK, daughter, s, 31, Southburgh
Gertrude MILK, daughter, s, 25, Southburgh
Elizabeth MIDDLETON, mother-in-law, widow, 81, Garvestone

37 Manor Farm
Walter BARNARD, head, m, 39, farmer, employer, Wicklewood
Maria BARNARD, m, wife, 33, Hingham
Alice BARNARD, daughter, s, 4, Hingham
Olive BARNARD, daughter, s,2, Southburgh
Basil BARNARD, son, s, 1, Southburgh
Harriet BARNARD, dau, s, 2 months, Southburgh
Happy WARD, servant, s, 13, general domestic servant, Southburgh

38. Hingham Road (Park Farm)
John SHEPHERD, head, m, 54, farmer, employer, Outwell - NFK
Sarah Jane SHEPHERD, wife, m, 50, Stow - NFK
John William SHEPHERD, son, s, 28, farmer's son, worker, Tilney Fen End - NFK
Ann Maria BARKER, sister-in-law, s, 52. Dressmaker retired, Stow

39. do. Willow Farm
James W. Clarke JOHNSON, head, m, 58, farmer, employer, Ditchingham - NFK
Rachel JOHNSON, wife, m, 59, Aldeburgh - Suffolk
Julia Grace JOHNSON, daughter s, 18, Earsham - NFK
Rachel Gertrude JOHNSON, daughter, s, 16, Earsham - NFK

40. do. Farm
George Farrow CULLYER, head, m, 57, farmer, employer, Wramplingham - NFK
Charlotte CULLYER, wife, m, 52, Southburgh
Louisa ABEL, servant, s, 16, general domestic servant, Southburgh

41. do. Webster's Row
Fred LEBBEL, head, s, 28, ordinary agricultural labourer, Southburgh
Mary Ann LEBBEL, mother, widow, 65, Southburgh
Emily LEBBEL, sister, s , 22, Southburgh

42. do. do.
Anthony LEBBEL, head, m, 37, ordinary agricultural labourer, Southburgh
Elizabeth LEBBEL, wife, m, 38, Swanton Morley - NFK
George LEBBEL, son, 16, ordinary agricultural labourer, Southburgh
Hester LEBBEL, daughter, s, 10, Southburgh
Matthew LEBBEL, son, s, 9, Southburgh


Lily Lebbel, daughter, s, 4, Southburgh

43. Hingham Road, Webster's Row
James TUTTLE, head, m, 53, teamster on farm, Southburgh
Sarah Ann TUTTLE, wife, 51, Wymondham
William R. TUTTLE, son, 15, bricklayer's labourer, Southburgh
Edith Emma TUTTLE, daughter, s, 11, Southburgh
Robert R. TUTTLE, son, s, 8, Southburgh

44. do. do.
William WARD, head, m, 59, horsekeeper on farm, Thuxton - NFK
Mary Ann WARD, wife, m, 49, Reymerstone - NFK
Mary WARD, grand-daughter, s, 8, Southburgh

45 do. do.
William EAGLING, head, m, 43, ordinary agricultural labourer, Hingham
Maria EAGLING, wife, m, 53, Rocklands - NFK
Wilfred EAGLING, son, s, 12, scholar, Hingham
Mary COLES, mother-in-law, wid, 84, Attleborough

46 do. do.
John Edw. TUTTLE, head, m, 29, teamster on farm, Southburgh
Lydia TUTTLE, wife, m, 38, Southburgh
James Ed. TUTTLE, son, s, 2, Hingham

47 do. do.
Eliza LINCOLN, head, s, 48, Deopham [deaf and dumb]

48. Reymerstone Road
Fred EAGLING, head, m, 46,. Farmer, employer, Southburgh
Jessie EAGLING, wife, m, 41, Peterborough
John EAGLING, brother, s, 68, ordinary agricultural labourer, Southburgh
Edgar EAGLING, son, s, 8, Southburgh

49 do. do.
Frederick HOWARD, head, m, 45, farmer, own account, Marylebone - London MDX
Elizabeth HOWARD, wife, m, 56, Southburgh
Ezekiel JOHNSON, boarder, widower, 81, retired farmer, Deopham

50 do. do.
William MASON, head, m, 35, farmer, own account, Neatishead - NFK
Annie M. MASON, wife, m, 33, Shipdham
Ethel Annie MASON, daughter, s, 6, Southburgh
Leonard G. MASON, son, s, 10 months, Southburgh
Mary MASON, mother, widow, 68, Letton


51. Reymerstone Road
John HALL, m, 63, farmer, own account, Thurgarton - NFK
Rachel HALL, wife, 64, Letheringsett - nFK
Royal WATSON, servant, s, 16,ordinary agricultural labourer, Shipdham

52. Hingham Road
John JENNISS, head, M, 25, ordinary agricultural labourer, Woodrising
Sarah Ann JENNISS, wife, m, 26,Woodrising
Frederick A. JENNISS, son, s, 2, Southburgh
Frederick CLARKE, boarder, 2, 24, ordinary agricultural labourer, Woodrising

53. Do.
Jesse HAGAN, head, widower, 60, ordinary agricultural labourer, Southburgh

End of Civil Parish of Southburgh
End of Ecclesiastical Parish of Southburgh St. Mary - with Letton All Saints and Southburgh St. Andrew (part of)

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