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Transcription Copyright © Paddy Apling, April 2009.
Transcribed from images reproduced by courtesy of The National Archives, London, England by
Original © British Crown Copyright. No responsibility for the accuracy or comprehensiveness of this transcription is implied or accepted by Her Majesty's Stationery Office.

NORFOLK - Southburgh

HO 107/780 (folio 4 to 10)

Superintendant Registar's District,,,,Mitford & Launditch
Registrar's Sub-District...Shipdham
Enumeraton District, No.... 10
Description of ditto: Southburgh North West by North from Hingham

Folio 4 page 1.

Folio 4, Page 2. Folio 5, Page 3. Folio 5, Page 4. Folio 6, Page 5
    Ann Cross, 17 F, F.S., Y
    Eliza Grice, 14 F, F.S., Y
    William Filby, 15 M, M.S., Y

    Francis Barnard, 40 M, Farmer, Y
    Elizabeth Barnard, 41 F, Y
    William Barnard, 20 M, Y
    John Barnard, 17 M, Y
    Alfred Barnard, 14 M, Y
    John Stockard, 24 M, M.S., Y
    Louisa Bannels, 20 F, F.S., Y
    Elizabeth Linion, 12 F, Y
    Louisa Linion, 11 F, Y

    Anthony Hagon, 70 M, Ag.Lab., Y

    Perry Warner,34 M, Ag.Lab., Y
    Mary Warner, 30 F, Y
    Eliza Warner 10 F, Y
    James Warner, 8 M, Y
    William Warner, 6 M, Y
    Mary Warner, 2 F, Y

    Rihard Juby, 45 M, Ag.Lab., Y
    Elizabeth Juby, 40 F, Y
    Samuel Juby, 28 M, Ag.Lab., Y
    Mark Juby, 25 M, Ag.Lab., Y

    Mary Rufell, 38 F, Farmer, Y
    Janne Rufell, 16 F, Y

Folio 7, Page 7.
    Samuel Riches, 25 M, M.S. Y
    William Wilson, 3 M, Y
    Benjamin Houwes, 15 M, M.S., Y
    Elizabeth Safely (?), 15 F, F.S., Y
    John Graves, 10 M, M.S., Y

    Thomas Rollison, 35 M, Ag.Lab., Y

    William Fox, 50 M, Ag.Lab., Y
    Sussannah Fox, 45 F, Y
    William Fox, 15 M, Y
    Marries Fox, 10 F, Y

    Thomas Mendham, 45, Farmer, Y
    Williamm Mendham, 15 M, App. Y
    Frances H. Mendham, 14 F, Y
    Elizabeth Mendham, 10 F, Y
    Barnabas Mendham, 8 M, Y
    Thomas Middleton, 25 M, Ag.Lab., Y
    Ann Middleton, 20 F, Y
    James Middleton, 6 months M, Y

    John Bowen, 45 M, Bricklayer, Y
    Alice Bowen, 55 F, Y
    John Bowen, 25 M, Bricklayer, Y
    Susan Bowen, 20 F, Y

    John Daynes Eagling, 35 M, Farmer, Y
    Ann Eagling, 30 F, Y
    John Daynes Eagling, 8 M, Y

Folio 7, Page 8.
    Anthony Eagling, 4 M, Y
    Elizabeth Eagling, 7 F, Y
    Sarah Ann Eagling, 6 F, Y
    Maria Eagling, 4 F, Y
    Thomas Eagling, 7 months M, Y
    Ann Starke, 65 F, Independent. Y
    Charlotte Goldfaring, 17 F, F.S., Y

    William Rose, 65 M, Farmer, Y
    Sarah Rose, 60 F, Y
    James Rose, 35 M, Wheelwright, Y
    Ann Rose, 30 F, Y
    Richard Rose, 3 M, Wheelwright, Y
    Sarah Clark, 30 F, Y
    Edward Clark, 1 M, Y
    John Stalworthy, 17 M, Ap., Y
    William Stalworthy, 15 M, Ap., Y

    Edward Stacy, 35 M Ag.Lab., Y
    Maryann Stacy, 45 F, Y
    James Stacy, 11 M, y
    Elizabeth Stacy, 11 F, Y
    Thomas Stacy, 8 M, Y
    Mary Ann Stacy, 6 F, Y
    William Godfrey, 70 M, Ag.Lab., Y

    William Bowen, 50 M, Ag.Lab., Y
    Caroline Godfrey, 19 F, Y

Folio 8, Page 9
    William Bowen, 14 M, Y

    Henry Whyett, 35, Ag.Lab., Y
    Mary Whyett, 40 F, Y
    Henry Clark, 15 M, Y
    Mary Bushell, 13 F, Y

    Matthew Broome, 35 M, Farmer, Y
    Mary Ann Broome, 30 F, Y
    Henry Broome, 8 M, Y
    Elizabeth Broome, 7 F, Y
    Sarah Ann Broome, 2 F, Y
    Francis Rix, 20 M, M.S., Y
    Ezekiel Warner, 14 M, M.S., Y
    Rose Cooper, 17 F, F.S., Y
    Harriett Graves, 15 F, F.S., Y

    Edward Barrett, 35 M, Wheelwright, Y
    Agatha Barrett, 35 F, Y Edward Barrett, 8 M, Y
    George Dickenson, 20 M, J, Y
    Ann Pells, 20 F, Y

    John Berry, 83 M, unreadable, Y
    Ruth Berry, 68 F, Y
    Jarath Clark, 72 F, Y
    Robert Berry, 35 M, Ag.Lab., Y
    Hannah Berry, 55 F, Y

Folio 8, Page 10.
    Barnes Berry, 39 M, Y
    Lydia Berry, 24 F, Y
    Robert Berry, 15 M, Y
    Eilliam Berry, 10 M, Y
    Rebecka Berry, 5 F, Y

    Edward Copland, 39 M, Ag.Lab., Y
    Harriett Copland, 39 F, Y
    James Copland, 8 M, Y
    Richard Copland, 78 M, Ag.Lab., Y

    Mountain Middleton, 45 M, Y
    Thomasin Middleton, 58 F, Y
    Esther Middleton, 7 F, Y
    Michael Middleton, 4 M, Y
    Frances Staggard, 30 F, Y

    Isaac Payne, 45 M, Ag.Lab., Y
    Mary Ann Payne, 13 F, Y
    William Payne, 8 M, Y
    Michael Payne, 2 M, Y

    Simon Hawk, 42 M, Ag.Lab., Y
    Mary Hawk, 45 F, Y
    Mary Hawk, 22 F, Y
    John Hawk, 20 M, Ap., Y
    Hannah Hawk, 13 F, Y
    Maria Hawk, 10 F, Y

Folio 9, Page 11.
    Thomas Ekem 50 M, Ag.Lab., Y
    Dianna Eke, 50 F, Y
    Henery Eke, 16 M, Y
    Charles Eke, 13 M, Y

    David Burton, 73 M, Farmer, Y

    Charlotte Burton, 43 F, Y
    Mary Barnard, 20 F, F.D., Y
    Francis Graves, 14 M, M.S., Y
    John Middleton, 70 M, Ag.Lab., Y
    Jemima Middleton, 43 F, Y
    John Middleton, 50 M, Shoemaker, Y

    John Payne, 15 M, Y
    Elizabeth Gath, 30 F, Y

    John Webster, 60 M, Ag.Lab., Y
    Ann Webster, 60 F, Y
    Thomas Webster, 30 M, Shoemaker, Y
    Ann Webster, 1 F, Y

    Robert Clark, 40 M, Ag.Lab., Y
    Mary Clark, 40 F, Y
    Sarah Brunton, 40 F, Y

    George Ashby, 55 M, Ag.Lab., Y
    Elizabeth Ashby. 55 F, Y
    John Ashby, 10 M, Ag.Lab., Y
    Charles Ashby, 18, Ag.Lab., Y
    Thomas Ashby, 15 M, Y

Folio 9, Page 12.
    Henry Clarke, 10 M, Ag.Lab., Y
    Elizabeth Clarke, 60 F, Y
    Susan Clarke, 20 F, Y

    Henry Stebbing, 48, Farmer, Y
    Elizabeth Stebbing, 75 F, Ind., Y
    Sophia Sculfer, 30 F, F.S., Y
    Mary Fox, 15 F, F.S., Y
    Jonathan Able, 15 M, M.S., Y

    John Howard, 45 M, Farmer, Y
    Susan Howard, 42 F, Y
    Dazely Howard, 83, Ind., Y
    Joseph Howard, 21 M, Wheelwright, Y
    Harriet Howard, 16 F, Y
    Anthony Howard, 14 M, Y
    Thomas Howard, 12 M, Y
    Marrie Howard, 5 F, Y
    John Howard, 7 months M, Y
    Thomas Eke, 30 M, Ag.Lab., Y
    Jame Eke, 25 M, Ag.Lab., Y
    Hannah Edwards, 14 F, F.S., Y

    John Webster, 35 M, Ag.Lab., Y
    Elizabeth Webster, 45 F, Y
    Joseph Webster, 9 M, Y
    Ezifira Webster, 6 F, Y
    Mary Ann Dack, 15 F, Y

Folio 10, Page 13.
    Sarah Rix, 25 F, Y
    Sarah Ann Rix, 5 F, Y
    George Rix, 3 M, Y
    Mary Ann Rix, 6 months F, Y

    Thomas Stagard, 25 M, Y
    Hannah Stagard, 25 F, Y
    John Stagard, 3 M, Y

Transcription © Copyright E C ("Paddy") Apling, April, 2009.

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1891 Census Village Index
General Census Information [GENUKI-NFK]
1891 Census Names Index
Complete Census Transcripts for 1851, 1861, 1871; 1891; and 1901
Directory entries from Kelly's for 1883; and 1937; and from White's for 1845 and 1854
More on Southburgh [GENUKI-NFK]