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The Eastern Daily Press, (Norwich, UK), on Monday, January 17, 2000 ran a two-page spread headed:

Tackling the great GM issue

Centre page under a sub-heading:


They say:

"Right here on your doorstep in Norwich, we have world-leading experts on the science of GM. This is your chance to find out everything you ever wanted to know about GM.

Scientists from the John Innes Centre and the Sainsbury Laboratory answer YOUR questions on GM. Further questions will be answered in the coming weeks by a team of scientists....

The John Innes Centre and Sainsbury Laboratory are located on the Norwich Research Park at Colney, near Norwich. With more than 850 staff and students, the JIC is Europe's largest centre for research into plant and microbial sciences, and trains scientists and students from across the world.

The key goal of the research is to add to our scientific understanding of how plants and microbes work. This basic research thus helps us to solve not only many of today's problems in agriculture, but ensures we will be better equipped to deal with new problems as they arise."

Each month questions will be answered though the EDP and there will also be an "Opinion" - a senior scientist who puts views on a particular topic. All questions (and answers) will be archived on a new web-site run by the Biosafety Assessment and Regulation Group scientists at the John Innes Centre.

The questions and answers dealt with on the January page are available on the web at

This month's opinion column was contributed by Professor Jonathan Jones, of the Sainsbury Laboratory at the John Innes Centre whose web-site is

The other links given are:

The paper invites further questions, which may be sent to EDPLetters, using the subject heading Agricultural Editor (GMquestions}, and including full name and snail-mail address.

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