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E-mail received calling for messages to the International Criminal Tribunal in the Hague

Date: Tue, 01 Jun 1999 10:16:25 -0700
From: Sid Shniad <>
Subject: E-mail to International Criminal Tribunal
This email is in two parts.

The first part is a short citizen's submission to the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia.

The second part is a brief explanation of the first part.

Copy the following, down to where it says PART TWO and put it into a blank email, and Email to: You do not need to copy part two into that email message.
Start of citizen submission:


Dated 31 May 1999


NATO's political and military leaders and all responsible NATO personnel


1. The armed attack is taking place on and over the territory of the former Yugoslavia.
2. International Law as practiced by nations for over two centuries does not include a right for humanitarian intervention in a sovereign nation, using force.
3. The UNO has not sanctioned the use of force.
4. NATO is in breach of the NATO self-defense charter.
5. No country or organisation has declared war.
6. The charges are many and proof of aggression is clear. Foremost are:

7. The court (ICT) has jurisdiction.
8. The responsibility (the duty) of the Prosecutor to investigate is clear.

(Signed....................) A response is requested, please.

............ end of suggested email to ...........


The eyes of citizens of every country in the world are watching for signs of the credibility of the International Criminal Tribunal.

ICT Judges and Prosecutors are citizens of NATO countries and their careers can be ruined if NATO leaders are indicted. However, legal reputations will be ruined if NATO leaders are not indicted. Also the moral force of "International Law" will be ridiculed.

What respect will be accorded the Supreme Court of Canada and its decisions if Madame Justice Arbour is elevated in the future, in the event her ICT decisions today were not truly impartial ?

Will citizens and countries show cynicism or respect for the United Nations' bodies and Tribunals ?

Which of our sovereign countries will receive the next Humanitarian Missile Intervention if this travesty goes unpunished ?

But above all, what justice will the bombed, maimed, and destroyed citizens of Serbia receive ?

Demand the indictment of every responsible NATO civilian and soldier.


Long-established Custom

1. An overriding principle of law between nations is that no peaceful sovereign nation should be coerced by a combination of other sovereign nations - not even if the coercing nations call themselves by a name such as the UNO, or NATO.

2. On the other hand, the UNO is a fact of life today, even if it is a manipulated body. It has set up the only "court of nations" to hear disputes between countries. The UNO early on condemned the use of force by aggressor countries. It favors negotiation. At present it is the only available court in the world with the moral right to try international crimes.

Punishment for serious crimes

3. The United Nations' Security Council set the ground rules for a Court of Justice in 1993. This Court is to indict and bring to trial all persons alleged to have committed serious crimes of war in the former Yugoslavia. It is called The International Criminal Tribunal (ICT).

[Security Council Resolution 808 (1993) of 22 February 1993 reads:

...1. Decides that an international tribunal shall be established for the prosecution of persons reponsible for serious violations of international humanitarian law committed in the territory of the former Yugoslavia since 1991".]

Duty of Prosecutor

4. The Prosecutor is obligated by the ICT Statute to investigate and decide whether to indict. The Prosecutor has no discretion to "not investigate".

[ Article 18(1) of the Statute of the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia: reads: ..."Investigation and preparation of indictment. 1. The Prosecutor shall initiate investigations ex-officio or on the basis of information obtained from any source, particularly from Governments, United Nations organs, intergovernmental and non-governmental organizations. The Prosecutor shall assess the information received or obtained and decide whether there is sufficient basis to proceed." ]

Credibility of this Court is in doubt.

5 The largest force involved in this violent NATO attack on Serbia is the USA, supported mainly by Britain, with Canada being a puppet of both these countries. Because the chief judge of the ICT is American and the Prosecutor is Canadian, no one believes that the ICT is likely to be impartial.

6 Therefore, since the Prosecutor may receive submissions from any source, the following submission from a private citizen was today emailed to Madame Justice Louise Arbour in the Hague. Other, more detailed and professional submissions have been sent in by groups of international lawyers, (see ) - (see also a submission with an excellent background to this conflict at However, the Prosecutor needs to be made aware that many citizens around the world consider that NATO propaganda is lies and that NATO leaders should definitely be investigated for murderous attacks. The legal framers of the above submissions have asked that citizens send in their individual requests for indictment.

The impact of a flood of private submissions may convince the Prosecutor of the risks involved in NOT declaring the NATO action in Serbia to be illegal. Silence from all of us people in all our countries will encourage the Prosecutor to sweep it under the rug.

It takes a person about 60 seconds to copy this citizen submission (below) and email it to the eddress given, even though it may be ignored. If you are fuming because you can do nothing to stop the bombing of women and kids, here is a chance to do something - to ensure that the oppressors are made to account for their actions when the murdering stops.


Bob Olsen, Toronto


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