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From the Eastern Daily Press, Wednesday, October 29, 2003:

Galloway victim of show trial for telling truth

Framingham Earl Road, Yelverton.

In your leader column (October 25) you refer to George Galloway's show trial and tell us that back in March this MP made comments "deeply offensive" to a large number of Britons. These comments were applauded by many more Britons.

Here we have a man expelled from his party for telling the truth whilst a Cabinet, which lied to Parliament and the people, and exposed the people oft his nation to great danger, remains in office.

You refer to the fact that in 1994 Mr Galloway saluted Saddam Hussein. You did not explain why. Saddam had funded a children's charity, the only decent thing he'd ever done.

You also failed to mention that in 1988 when Saddam murdered 5000 Kurds in Halibja, David Mellor, a foreign office minister, was his guest, Mr Mellor made no comment.

Three weeks later Tony Newton, the trade minister, flew to Baghdad and offered the killer another £340 million in export credits.


From the Eastern Daily P|ress, Tuesday, November 4, 2003.

War not 'essentially right'

Havelock Road, Norwich.

Could Chris Fisher (Oct 28) [EDP columnist - ECA] clarify what he meant by the "cause" of the Iraq war being "essentially right".

And secondly, does "cause" in this instance justify the means? Does essentially right" excuse the slaughter of an estimated 10,000 civilians, the maiming of innocent children, the deaths of young British and American soldiers, the escalation of terrorism and the destabilisation of the Middle East?

Can we export democracy and so-called civilisation in such a grossly undemocratic> and uncivilised way? In the 21st century isn't it time we started dealng with world problems in a more intelligent way? To create a culture of peace instead of a culture of war we need to approach difficulties thoughtfully and constructively>.
>I will personally pay for Mr. Fisher's ticket to Baghdad so he can walk his talk. Failing that I will pay for his ticket to attend the Start the Peace conference on Saturday, November 15 at UEA. Perhaps he will begin to see that there infinitely better ways to achieve what is "essentially right".

And from Ian Scott (the EDP columnist in Virginia, USA):

You may have wondered what goes on in George Bush's head. About the logic that allows him to say attacks on American troops in Iraq are proof the other side is getting desperate.

About how he says his economic policies are successful because third-quarter growth was strong despite jobs shrinking.

About why he told a reporter at a rare press conference last week she had asked a "trick question" that he was "not going to answer" when the question was transparently fair and reasonable.

About how he can argue the reason for invasion was not to find weapons of mass destruction but to rid the world of a brutal dictator when the evidence is on record.

About how he can reconcile his statements dismissing the UN as a talking shop with the claim it is a critically important institution.

Don't ask me. I don't know.

What I do know is that more and more Americans are asking whether he merits a second term and that the next year might, after all, be his last.

Provided, that is, the Democrats find a credible alternative. There's the rub. At this point they don't have one.

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