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From the Eastern Daily Press, Tuesday, 20th April 2004:

Appeasement of a bully

Merton Road,

What's the difference between a "terrorist" and a "freedom fighter?"

Maybe this old chestnut of a question, can, in the light of the last week's events be answered: a "freedom fighter" is a terrorist who is also a Prime Minister.

For Bush and Blair obviously regard Ariel Sharon as an earnest man of peace who is also fighting for the freedom of his country against a Palestinian "terrorist threat." Ariel Sharon, an assassin (and proud of it), a man who plans mow to steal and ethnically-cleanse huge areas of Palestinian land, a man who even an Israeli judicial body (the Kahan commission) once held responsible for the deaths of 170 Palestinians, mostly old people, women and children, in the Saber and Chatila refugee camps.

Apparently Bush and Blair do not believe that this merchant of terror, this mass-killer, Sharon, is a terrorist. They believe he is the enemy of terrorism! It is time to tell them that their skewed view of the world is no longer tenable. I hope that we will send a clear message to Blair in this June's elections that his appeasement of this brutal bully, this war-criminal, Sharon, is not acceptable.

Land grab will not succeed

Chapel Lane,

I remember having dinner with an Israeli immediately after the Israeli invasion of Lebanon. He was happily predicting that this would have a decisive impact on the problems Israel was having.

Twenty years on, the US President has just "approved" the Israeli land grab in the West Bank, with the Israelis withdrawing from land in Gaza they don't want as a move towards "establishing peace" in the Middle East.

I doubt if this involvement of Sharon will lead to any greater success than it did then. What a shame for this country that our Prime Minister, who seems to have now wholly subordinated UK Middle East policy to that of the US, should acquiesce with such indecent haste. At least we now know, if we had any doubts, what the US understands by the "Special Relationship"

Comment: (E C Apling):

The above two letters encapsulate several aspects of the current situation.

The war on terror.
The unravelling of the "Alice in Wonderland" vocabulary of Bush and Blair, so well expounded by Petra Greene, completely exposes the anti-democratic basis of this "war" - which is a war against all who oppose the imperialist hegemony of the US in the world - and particularly against those of Arab nationality and Muslim faith.

The Palestine problem.
Ever since 1945 is has been evident that only two feasible solutions exist - either there must be two viable states in Palestine:- Israel and a truncated Palestinian state as (unfortunately, in my opinion) was decided by the UN in 1947 - or Jews and Arabs must live together is a joint secular state of the whole of Palestine. The latest moves by Sharon and Bush seem aimed to preclude the first possibility, and point to the continued military-terroristic encroachment of Israel over the whole of Palestine.

How can anyone in their right mind see this as leading to a peacful solution?...

Here the "Alice in Wonderland" vocabulary rides again, with all opposed to the US occupation of the country being called "terrorists and bandits" - and all the talk of "handing over sovereignty" on June 30 to a hand-picked collection of Iraqi collaborators, supervised by the US to ensure "democracy" (another weasle-word, which really means complete submission to US control) - with continuing extension of US military bases in the country and with its oil industry and other wealth-creating institutions managed and controlled by US companies.

The Iraqis revolted against British occupation in 1926, and are revolting against US occupation in 2004. Only complete withdrawal of US and other foreign armies can lead to peace in the country

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