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A collection of letters in the Eastern Daily Press, Thursday, April 3, 2003:
Note there are no pro-war letters - although the editorial policy of the paper continues to treat the war as a game to enjoy

On Way to new World Disorder

Colin McLean Road, Dereham.

As the war goes on in Iraq, we should perhaps think of the New World Order and its consequences.
This, of course, means the US and Britain acting as international mediators, policemen, policy makers, judges and juries.
By ignoring UN Resolution 1441 and going to war without international consent, we have rendered the UN powerless and redundant.
By ignoring or not seeking Nato advice or help, we have divided Nato. So; for all practical purposes, the US and Britain are Nato.
Iraq has been invaded.
Any help given to Israel will now be seen as anti-Islamic by its neighbouring Islamic countries. A. UN or US/Britain-backed peace
keeping force will be seen as an occupying force, creating unrest in the region.
This is to say nothing of the cost of rebuilding, and occupying.
I believe Tony Blair has made a big mistake; but it is too late to turn back.
All of us will pay the price, both financially and physically for this crusade as we enter new, dark, unknown and uncertain territory.

Photo of TONY BLAIR: captioned " Making a big mistake?"

Iraqis let down

TERRY CLAYTON, St Nicholas's
School Road, Bracon Ash.

What arrogance for Messrs Bush and Blair to think the people of Iraq would welcome the Alliance with open arms, and that the army would capitulate within a few days. The Iraqi people were badly let down by George Bush senior in the previous Gulf War and have suffered 12 years of hell through the tyranny of Saddam Hussein and Western sanctions.

America's injustice makes world less safe

Blickling Road, Aylsham.

We should not be surprised at the ferocity of resistance to Coalition troops in Iraq. Since the campaign in Afghanistan, anyone captured by American forces may be classified as `unlawful combatants'.
As such, they may be transported several thousand miles from their homeland, kept in steel cages, and denied access to independent legal advice or international humanitarian agencies.
They may be interrogated under duress, tried by a seeret military tribunal and sentenced to death or indefinite detention: Many Iraqi. troops and civilians must see death
in battle as preferable: As the-Iraqi Prime Minister recently put it: "I'm not going to end up at Guantanamo Bay."
The USA's repudiation of the Geneva Convention and principles of international justice has made the world a much more dangerous place for everyone; including, ironically their own forces.

Children suffer under this regime

The Street, Long Stratton.

Please allow me to caution Richard Casey (EDP, April 2 *) the naive sentimentality I hold for the children of Iraq.
As far as he is concerned they, and their schools, are quite expendable in his aim and ambition to shape and control the Middle East.
Of course, we had better get used seeing the bloody face of war more often if the United Nations does not begin to deliver on its charter.
The veto that certain member countries choose to exercise to their own political advantage has proved to render the UN quite incapable bringing about a peaceful world.
Peace will always require sacrifice - either of human life or of one's own vested interests for the common good. Saddam has chosen the former and that is why we have war and: why the children will suffer.

Confused by news

Marina Road, Mundesley.

Certain newspapers and radio commentators have such insatiable appetite for news of the war going on in Iraq that it's now impossible to discern what is true. and what is made up.
One or two seem to be treating this dreadful business as if it's nothing more than a PlayStation game.


From the Eastern Daily Press, Tuesday, April 8, 2003:

Peaceniks in good company

Duck End Farm, Great Snoring.

Once again Martin Mears (EDP, April 4) is dismissive of all who do not support this war.
I fear even if Saddam is dead at the end of it, the Arab world will still detest the double standards of the US when dealing .with them, and the support they give to Israel, whatever the Israeli government does.
Being at `peacenik' puts me (undeservedly) in illustrious company with people who fought in the second world war in our military, including many Americans. They include: Our armed forces are rightly obeying their Government's orders.
I hope their losses are few, and that those who sent them to war have sleepless nights.


*  I have no copy of Richard Casey's letter - as the EDP is so full of crap (in line with the view of J E Munro) supporting the war that I cannot be bothered to go out to purchase copies on the days it is not delivered to our house (Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays).

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