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From the Eastern Daily Press, Saturday, 8 March 2003:

Too many brave from an armchair

West View Gardens,

I have been waiting for some weeks for an announcement that Messrs Mears, Fisher and sundry EDP-editorial writers have volunteered to take up arms and go to the Gulf in support of the war they are so keen we should fight.

But alas I wait in vain.

Unlike the kings and men of conviction in past generations, these modern-day armchair soldiers are prepared to spill blood providing it is not theirs.

They are prepared to avenge those killed and maimed in Iraq by Hussies by using our own weapons to kill and injure thousands more, most of whom will be women and young children.

I feel ashamed that this country can be so dishonest to even contemplate using such evil means to correct a - no doubt - unpleasant regime which we ourselves created when it suited us.

No more war' said German PoWs

Waxham Court,
Sea Palling.

At a young age on Sea Palling beach, I had the pleasure of meeting some German PoWs, who were taking the mines up from the beach just after the war. They were living

at Ingham Old Hall. Helinut Rehe and Alfonse told me: "No more wars; David. Make sure you down tools."

They had come through France and seen all the killing and horror. Alfonse gave me his best tie, which I still have.

Who wants it?

Rectory Road,

Who wants a war?

George W Bush and Tony Blair are determined that we should unite to back a war against Sadism whatever their electorate or the world community wish.

But with so many doubtful national leaders in our world, why pick Sadism? How short is the public memory? Sadism Hussies presided over a thriving, educated country until America encouraged him into an attack on Iran. American foreign policy feared the swing to religious fundamentalism there.

The war that followed between Iran and Iraq vas funded and supplied by America. George W Bush's father supplied and condoned the use of weapons of mass destruction when their ally Sadism Hussies used them on Iran.

But there's one who thinks bombing does no damage:

Doubt over Iraqi 'damage'.

Brandon Road,

Although it's the second time we have been in a serious state with Iraq, some things never change.

During the Gulf War, the Iraqi government repeatedly cried that we had bombed civilians and property, bur rather than allow reporters who were within easy reach to validate their claims, they only let cameras take shots from "long distances".

When they were finally allowed access, the damaged area was open to question, as to

its origin. This week on the news, once again, we were supposed to have caused damage, and again no outsider was allowed near to investigate.

This time, however, did they make an error? The news reels showed the site that was supposed to have been bombed quite closely.

Strangely enough, in a presently dry climate zone, all the access roads appeared to be clear of debris as did the surrounding land.

As there has been rain or hurricanes to wash/blow away the evidence so quickly, where did it go?

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