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Blair is committing or troops to an illegal and unwarranted war against a poverty-stricken country which is no threat to the UK - acting simply as merceneries to the plans for world domination of President Bush, with the Gurkhas - the UK mercenery arm as a leading infantry force.

The Turkish Parliament has refused a $30bn bribe (or perhaps "only" $6bn, reports differ, but including the right to continue its oppression of the Kurds) to act as merceneries for Bush - but Blair is commtting UK to do it for free!!

It is time to bring our troops back home. But arrogant Blair refuses to listen to criticism.


From the Eastern Daily Press, Saturday, March 15, 2003:

Blair ignorant and arrogant

School Road, Bracon Ash.

I fail to see that Mr Blair is courageous as Ian Parsons says (I.etter, March 14). Mr Blair's stance is one of arrogance and ignorance.

Having watched most of the programmes involving Mr Blair and his so-called debates, I have yet to hear him answer any question he is asked in a direct and honest manner.

If indeed he has all this intelligence referring to Saddam then let him tell us, so we can then perhaps make a fairer judgment.

To say the MPs are lining up behind the French government is nonsense. Just for once in this Government's lifetime, MPs are not boot licking but standing up to be counted, as indeed they should.

As for Mr Blair not risking his reputation over this matter; (what reputation?) he is taking a political gamble. If he pulls it off he will be hailed as a great politician:. If he fails he will go down in history as a fool.

Northern Ireland is a prime example of some of Mr Blair's unfinished work - a good idea not completed.

A thing to be remembered is that if Mr Blair goes against the UN he could well be in breach of international law. Saying the UN is of no use is not an option. It is there and must be obeyed.

One other point - I would agree that Saddam is a terrible man, but is the issue of weapons of mass destruction or deposing Saddam to save his people?

If it is to save his people, then perhaps we should be looking towards Israel, whose governments have in the past 10 years committed far more atrocities than Saddam has.

Short is right

Lower Farmhouse, Great Snoring.

At last a Minister has been brave enough to stand against war in Iraq - that is Clare Short.

I was just wondering where is the moral indignation today and what has happened to legitimate debate? It seems we are living in a world where "democracy" means nothing if its results are opposed to American interests, a world in which to express dissent against these interests is to brand one a "terrorist".

Don't sign up to kill

Marsh Lane, Worlingham.

The root cause of wars is those enlisting in military services to kill their fellow human beings, regardless of whether or not they are involved in just or unjust conflicts.

Problem is capitalism

Blyth Road, Southwold.

Re Alan Holzer's letter "Blair is out of step with his party" (March 5), point taken!

But - and it is a big "but" - the big problem is capitalism. Both the Tories and Labour are singing from the same song sheet, headed "capitalism."

Right-wing press, big business, big bankers, big landowners, royalty - these are the ruling classes!

Until such times that 'the masses' cotton on, then Blair and the like will continue to get away with the stupidities we-are now witnessing, re Iraq etc.

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