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From the Eastern Daily Press, Tuesday, February 25, 2003:

War would breed new terrorists

Chase Avenue, Kings Lynn.

There are 10 reasons why we should not support any war in Iraq.

1 It appears a "War against Terrorism" has been changed into a war against Iraq, although Iraq had no involvement in 9/11.

2 I have seen no convincing proof Iraq has links with al Qaida. If Tony Blair has evidence he cannot present publicly, let him give it to a trusted individual to examine on our behalf. Jeremy Paxman would be a good choice.

3 Although Iraq has used weapons of mass destruction, it mostly did so before the Gulf War, when the West was happy to supply the materials to make such weapons and so by implication approved of their use.

4 The containment policies since the Gulf War have largely been successful. Iraq is not in a position to attack its .neighbours without a massive military response.

5 Saddam Hussein is caught in a `Catch 22' situation. If he cooperates with the inspectors and ~ reveals where the weapons are, this will be jumped on by Blair and Bush as the "smoking gun" required to start war. If he refuses to co-operate then that too is seen as a reason to start war.

6 The Iraqi people have suffered greatly at the hands of Saddam Hussein, but a war will cause them to suffer even more. And Saddam Hussein will disappear with his wealth to some safe haven.

7 Starting a war there could cause the whole unstable region to explode into very nasty conflicts that will have an impact for years.

For example, there are tensions between Turkey and the Kurds.

8 Killing the families of young men and women in Iraq will provide a recruiting ground for al Quid. A war will increase the number of terrorists, not reduce it.

9 The damage to the infrastructure of Iraq and the creation of a political vacuum after a war will increase the chances of dangerous materials falling into the hands of terrorists.

10 The implementation of UN resolutions is not even handed. Why are Bush and Blare not prepared to take similar action against other nations that are in breach of UN resolutions, notably Israel?

Unless Tony Blare can convince his people on all these points, then the British people should continue not to support his war.


No comparison with 1930s appeasement

Hall Mills, Diss.

Why, in the eyes of Martin Mears, (Feb 21) has taking part in this month's Hyde Park anti-war protest made me an appeaser?

He looks back to the 1930s and Hitler's attempt to take over Europe. Certainly the inaction of our politicians of that era amounted to appeasement.

In 1936, the Germans marched into the demilitarlsed Rhineland, then occupied Austria and Czechoslovakia. It was only as the German army moved on Poland towards the end of 1939 that this country decided to stop sitting on its hands.

I see no comparison. We attacked Saddam Hussein when he invaded Kuwait 12 years ago. I have no problem with that.

Sadism is responsible for the death and torture of thousands of his countrymen. But American bombing of Iraq can only add thousands more to the tally. I don't recall more aggression by Saddam Hussies to other nations since he was booted out of Kuwait.

George Bush, having been given the run-round by Osama bin Laden, is looking for a sitting target. He attempts to justify his choice of Iraq whatever the cost in human life.

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