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Secretary's Report 2001/2002

17 meetings were held during the year (up to but not including the AGM), of which 3 turned out to be abortive for reasons apparently due to misunderstandings between Secretary and intended speaker - and only 9 of which were attended by the Secretary.

Notably successful meetings were the following:

16th October 2001: A colourful and informative presentation by Ian Billings on "After the USSR" - about the 15 successor countries - and specifically stamps of Russia. (Attendance 5)

6th November 2001: A presentation by George Hinchcliffe on Falklands Islands Wild Life and Scenery. (Attendance 6)

20th November 2001: Paul Lindsay's enigmatic C.O.U.P. (interpretation not known by the Secretary who was not there !!) (Attendance 6)

4th December 2001: Visitors from Isle of Ely Club: Mrs Barbara Roberts who showed Australian coronation cards, and Chris North who displayed on the early life of Captain Cook and the first voyage of exploration in the Endeavour. (Attendance 9)

5th March 2002: when Mrs B Featherstone from Hull gave a colourful display on "Legends of the Old West" (Attendance 7)

16th April 2002: Visitors from Sheringham Society - Joseph Leighton on the Allied Occupation of Germany and Ron Pegg on "Dereham Postal History" (Attendance 10)

18th June 2002: Brian Downham from Cambridge on "Agriculture" (Attendance 7)

Also must be mentioned Andy Williamson's two presentations on New Zealand Health stamps under the title Nation's Wealth Parts 1 & 2 on April 2nd (Attendance 7) and May 7th (Attendance 9).

Although attendance was variable it was very gratifying that attendance at those meetings when visitors had come quite a distance was better than the average for the year, and overall the year's programme appears to have been quite successful - with a number of new members joining during the year.


Addendum - Letter to Members

18 September 2002

Dear Member,

Having been your Secretary since 1991 and now finding it increasingly difficult to plan to attend each meeting, I have retired to merely being Assistant Secretary and the main responsibility now devolves on Andy Williamson.

The last year has been characterised by unduly small attendance at meetings, and several dates made abortive by misunderstandings between myself and the intended speaker. However the meeting this Tuesday - an Extraordinary Annual General Meeting - had an attendance of nine, and I do hope that this is a portent of better numbers this session.

As you will see from the accompanying programme, arrangements are only complete up to the end of 2002, and your Chairman and new Secretary look forward to suggestions and help in completing the programme and making the whole session 2002-3 a success.

Additionally please note that the club is now circulating among members a stamp box (from the East Midlands & East Anglian Philatelic Federation) - so if you would like to be on the circulation list please ring the Chairman or Secretary.

Yours sincerely,

E. C. ("Paddy") APLING
Retiring Secretary

This page prepared by Paddy Apling 19th September, 2002.

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