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Attleborough postmill, Hargham road postmill, Norwich road postmill, Queens road postmill. Town street postmill and Wrogland postmill;
       Dodds Lane towermill, New Road towermill, and Station towermill and Great Mill (smockmill) [Jonathan Neville]
Attleborough Town Council
Attleborough Archeology [Norfolk Heritage Explorer]
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Norfolk - Attleborough

Francis White's History, Gazetteer, and Directory, of Norfolk 1854, pp. 821-824

[Complete entry. Transcription Copyright © the late A.J. Carter, April, 2001]

ATTLEBOROUGH, or Attleburgh, is an ancient market town, pleasantly situated on the Norwich and Thetford turnpike, 15 miles S.W. of the former place, and 14 N.E. by E. of the latter, and on the north side of the Norfolk Railway, which has a neat station here. In the Saxon era it was the seat of Offa and Edmund, successively Kings of the East Angles, who fortified it against the predatory incursions of the Danes. These fortifications may still be traced in the ridge called Burn Bank. It was afterwards the seat of the Mortimers, whose ancient hall, (now a farm house,) is encompassed by a deep moat. The parish contains 501 houses, 2,324 inhabitants, and 5,247 acres of land. The Rev. Sir Wm. B. Smyth, Bart., is lord of the manor of Attleborough Mortimer, and its members, (fines arbitrary ;) and Mr. C. Cochell is the steward. S. T. Dawson, Esq., is lord of Chanticlere manor, (fines arbitrary,) and the rectory has two small manors, subject to a fine of 2s. per acre on land, and to arbitrary fines on the buildings. The town is comprised chiefly of one long street, with several good inns and shops ; and the market on Thursdays is well attended. The old market cross was taken down many years ago. Fairs are held on the Thursday before Easter, Whit-Sunday, and on Aug. 15th, for cattle, pedlery, &c. A pleasure fair is also held on the day before the March assizes. A stone pillar on the Wymondham road commemorates the gift of £200, by Sir E. Rich,Knt., in 1675,for the reparation of the road, which is said to be the first turnpike made in England, being formed under an Act passed in the 7th and 8th of William and Mary. In the reign of Richard II. a College was founded here, for a custos and four fellows. Its revenues at the dissolution were valued at £21 16s. 3d. The CHURCH, dedicated to the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin, is a cruciform structure, with a tower rising at the intersection of the transepts, and six bells. The east end was destroyed by the fall of the spire. Here are many memorials to the Mortimer, Chanticlere, Ratcliffes, and other families. The Church was new seated and thoroughly repaired in 1844, at a cost of £1,200. A handsome memorial window of stained glass to Sir E. B. Smijth, Bart., and a new organ has recently been added, at the expense of Lady Smijth. The rectory is in two consolidated moieties, called Great and Little ; the former valued in the King's book at £19 8s. 9d., and the latter at £8 2s. 6d. The Rev. A. J. E. B. Smyth, is patron and incumbent. The tithes are commuted for £1,504 per annum. The Baptists, Friends, and Wesleyans have each a chapel here. Gilbert Berkeley, Bishop of Bath and Wells, was rector at Attleborough in 1554. In 1559 a great part of the town was burnt. Here is a large National school, built by subscription in 1840, at a cost of £700, and attended by about 80 boys and 90 girls. In 1678 the Rev. Hy. Merford left 9a. 3r. 26p. of land towards the support of a graduate at one of the universities, who should be appointed to teach grammar, and should, in consideration of this land, teach six poor children to read, write, and cast accounts, without any charge. The land is now let for £31 7s., which is received by the rector, (the nominal master) who pays it towards the support of the National School, where the free scholars are taught. A rent charge of £2 12s. on Merford's pasture is expended in bread for six poor widows. The Church land, 5a. 3r. 7p., is let for £15. The rent of 1a. 2r. 32p., (£5 10s. 6d.) is paid for ringing bells. The Town lands, about 35a., long vested for the support of the poor, were sold some years ago for £1,274, and the money applied with the poor rates. The Fuel Allotment, 57a. 2r., is let for £42 per annum. Sir F. Bickley in 1670 left 5a. 2r. of land, now let for £15 for the benefit of the poor, who have also £6 12s. a year from 2a. 2r. 23p. of land left by A. Reeder. The County Court, for debts not exceeding £50, is held every month, and comprises the following parishes, viz:—Attleborough, Banham, Besthorpe, Blo'Norton, Beccles[sic Breccles], Bressingham, Bridgham, Buckenham, (Old and New), Carbrooke, Caston, Eccles, Ellingham, (Great and Little), Fersfield, Garboldisham, Gasthorpe, Griston, Hardingham, Harling, (East and West), Hockham, Illington, Kenninghall, Larling, Lopham, (North and South), Merton, Ovington, Quiddenham, Riddlesworth, Rockland, (All Saints', St. Andrew's, and St. Peter's), Roudham, Roydon-next-Attleborough, Scoulton, Shelfanger, Shipdham, Snetterton, Stow-Bedon, Thompson, Tottington, Watton, Wilby, and Winfarthing. Thos. Jacob Birch, Esq., judge ; Alexander Edgell, Esq., clerk ; F. F. Francklin, Esq., of Attleborough, assist. clerk ; and Thos. Kerslake, bailiff.

Post Office at Mr. Geo. Barlow Parson's : letters arrive at 7 a.m., and 4 p.m. and are despatched at 7 a.m. and 10 p.m.

Anderson Sarah, dressmaker
Bacon Jas. auctioneer's clerk
Bowden Wm. builder
Bowles Mr. Stephen
Brothers Geo. thatcher
Brown Rev. Wm. (Baptist)
Chapman Miss Ann
Cockell Arthur, Esq., Hill House
Cockell Miss Elizabeth
Cockell Mrs. Jane
Cooke Rev. Stepn. Atkinson, B.A. curate
Cubitt Elmer, clk to the guardians and superintendent registrar
Cushing Stephen, jun. horse letter
Doughty Mr. Saml.
Francis Jane, irnmgr. & druggist
Goodwin Jas. station master
Gurneys & Co. bankers, Messrs. Christopher Spanton and James Muskett, agents
Howlett Geo. brazier, &c.
Johnson Robt. turner, &c.
Ketteringham Robt. furniture brkr.
Ketteringham Wm. sen. bricklayer
Lane Mrs. Mary
Littleproud Mr. Wm. sen
Lovett Mr. Robt.
Marner Mr. John
Merry Robt. jun. corn & coal mrt
Myhill Geo. relieving officer
Page Wm. B. collector of rates, &c.
Parson Eliza, dressmkr. & cir. lib.
Parson Geo. Barlow, printer
Pinnock Jonathan, bricklayer
Robinson Chas. brickmkr
Salter Thos. Fisher, land agent
Semmence Mr. Jno. jun.
Shickle Jno. county inspector of weights and measures
Smith Saml. thatcher
Smyth Rev. Alfred Edw. Bowyer, M.A., rector
Sparrow Hy. agricultural machine maker
Turner Mr. Jno.
Upston Geo. seedsman
Upston Jno. furniture broker
Warren Mrs. Sarah
Webster Jas. hairdresser & glover
Wells Saml. registrar of b. d. & m.
Wright David, temp. coffee chouse
Youels Wm. cattle dlr
Eaton John, (& surveyor & agent)
Salter Geo. Wm.
Fire and Life Offices.
County (Fire), & Provident (Life), Saml. Doughty
Norwich Equitable, Chas. Cockell
Norwich Union (Fire), Jane Francis
Norwich Union (Life & Equitable Fire), Christopher Spanton
Phœnix, Palladium, Law Property, Assurance and Trust Society, F. F. and G. F. Francklin
Scottish Provincial, Jas. Bacon
Inns and Taverns.
Angel, Sarah Lovick
Bear, Robt. Ebbage
Cock Inn, Saml. Peck
Crown, Mary Ann Green
Griffin, Mary Sewell
New Inn and Family Hotel, John Canham
White Horse, Jno. Cooke
Adamson Wm. (National)
Lincoln Eliz.
Pearson Ann T.
Cockell Chas.
Francklin Fredk. Fairfax & Geo. Fairfax (& cnty ct. office)
Spanton Chpr.
Barnard Robt. & Jno.
Brown David
Littleproud Wm. jun.
Barker Sarah
Cushing Stephen
Foulsham Jas.
Laurence Benj.
Musk Robt.
Muskett My. Ann
Riches Chas.
Yeomans Chas.
Ebbage Robt.
King Sarah Ann
Turner Jno. jun.
Boot and Shoemakers.
Barker Jno.
Chatters Hy.
Ettridge Ann
Pinnock Wm.
Smith Jas.
Cushing Stephen, jun. (pork)
Goldspink Rchd.
Hewitt Wm.
Layton Jno.
Corn Millers.
Sayer Jno.
Wright Jno.
Burroughes Rt.
Caddy Emma
Caddy Stphn
Childerhouse W.
Cocks J. Calver
Cowles Robt. jun
Cowles Wm.
Gayford Wm.
Gowing Edw.
Green Jno.
Green My. Ann
Hewitt Robt.
Hill Jno.
Hubbard Jas.
Jessup Geo.
Kirk Wm.
Laurence Michl.
Le Grice Wm.
Mann Farman
Marner Foster
Myhill Jno.
Palmer William, (The Leys)
Potter Jph.
Salter Wm. Webb The Hall
Saunders Wm.
Semmence John, sen.
Smith Jas.
Sparkhall Eliz.
Sparkhall Michl.
Taylor Jas.
Thrower Ann
Turner John
Vince Benj.
Warby Jas.
Warren Charles, Swangey Farm
Wright Robt.
Bacon Thos.
Reynolds Wm.
Wilson David
Grcrs. & Drprs.
Byles Jno.
Littleproud Rt.
Muskett Alfred
Rose Jas.
Ayton Chas.
Ayton Robt.
Buckenham W.
Plumbers, &c.
Barnard Wm.
Haselwood Rt.
Defew Geo.
Miles Wm.
Potter Geo. Jas.
Wiles Charles B
Barker Wm.
Bateman Wm.
Howes Chas.
Nicholds John
Ponder Thos.
Watch Mkrs.
Dawes Wm.
Warren Jno.
Bowden Hy.
Drake Chas.
Wright John
The Norfolk Railway Co's Station. Passenger trains four up & five down. Goods four up and four down daily.
James Goodwin, station master.
Thomas Mann, to Norwich, tu. thd. & sat.

Transcription Copyright © the late A.J. Carter, April, 2001; links updated February 2010.

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1891 Census Names Index
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Kelly's 1883
Attleborough postmill, Hargham road postmill, Norwich road postmill, Queens road postmill, Town street postmill and Wrogland postmill;
       Dodds Lane towermill, New Road towermill, and Station towermill and Great Mill (smockmill) [Jonathan Neville]
Attleborough Town Council
Attleborough Archeology [Norfolk Heritage Explorer]
More on Attleborough [GENUKI-NFK]
More Parish Information [Goeff Lowe & Andrew Rivett]