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Francis Blomfield: An ESSAY Towards a Topographical HISTORY of the COUNTY of NORFOLK, Volume I, CONTAINING the HUNDREDS of DISS, GILTCROSS, SHROPHAM, the BURGH of THETFORD, GRIMESHOE, WAYLAND and FOREHOE. Printed at Fersfield in the Year of Our Lord, MDCCXXXIX, pp. 687-678.

[Complete text. Transcription Copyright © E.C."Paddy" Apling]


CHURCH is dedicated to All the Saints, the Rector had a House and 20 Acres of Land, valued with the whole Living at 12 Marks, Procurations 6s. 8d 16d. Sinodals, Peter-Pence 12d. In 1671, the Rector had Licence not to repair all the Chancel, but to lessen it, and in 1684, he was discharged of Dilapidations. Here was a Gild of St. John the Baptist. John Bigot of Welborne died in 1437, leaving Alice his Wife, his Administratix.

R E C T O R S.

1289, Thomas de Hengham
1304, James Daunger. Sir ROB. DE BACONSTHORP Knt.
1320, Rob. de Welburne. Sir ROB. DE HINGHAM Knt.
1323, John de Aylesham. Sir ROB. DE BACONSTHORP Knt.
1328, Walter de Stanes of Elveden.            }
               Master Stephen da Rughton. R.     }
1339, Rich. de Bergh.                                  } Sir EDM. DE BACONSTHORP Knt.
1345, John Ive of Gestweyt.                       }
1349, John Scot of Sustede.                        }
1394, Will. Strykere.                                   }
1396, Rich. Shroesbury R.                                        }
1402, John Purs, Change with St. Laurence             }NIC. DE WICHINGHAM
             Poulteney's Chantry in London                    }
1402. Will. Roos of Schelyngton.                             }
1416, John Champeneys Rector
1437, Will. Sangfroid, O. WILL. BILLINGEORD [sic.] Esq.
1485, Mr. Will Backe R. EDMUND JENNEY and THO. BANNYARD.
1486, Will. Manes. Ditto.
1532, Tho: Candeler.
1541, Rich. Garnet deprived. EDM. BILLINGFORD Esq.
1554, Andrew Deane, S.T.B.                                     }
1555, James Proctor, O.                                           } AUSTIN STEWARD Alderman
1556, Rich. Garnet again. united to Matishal,             } of Norwich.
             Aug: 9 1558.                                                 }
          Nich. Corker. O
1585, John Barnard. WILL. STEWARD Esq. he returned 63 Communicants.
1624, John Leggat, A. M. ROBERT CRASKE of Norwich Esq. united to Barnham-Broom
1646, Richard Alfield Clerk. A. B. on Legat's Ref. WILL. FISHER of Wisbitch Esq.
          Jessop Webb Resigned.
1688, Nic. Barwick Clerk. united to Colton.              }
1692, Peter Copping Clerk, on Barwick's Death.      }
             united to Carleton.                                        }JESSOP WEBB Esq.
1694, John Hardy Clerk, on Copping's Resignation.  }
             united to Elsing.                                            }
1697, Tho. Pateson, on Hardy's Resignation              }
1700, Edward Heyhoe Clerk on Pateson's Cession. JESSOP WEBB.
1719, Edw. Heighoe, Clerk. Lapse. united to Matishall Bergh.
1720, Rob. Godrick Clerk, on Heighoe's Resignation. EDWARD HEIGHOE Gent.
             true Patron.
1722, James Stagg Clerk, A. B. on Godrick's Cession. EDW. HEIGHOE Senior Esq.
             united to Gerveston.
1734, The Rev. Mr Grigson Heighoe, on Stagg's Resig. EDW. HEIGHOE Clerk his
             father, Patron in Fee. united to Yaxham. He is the present Incumbent.

This Rectory is valued in the King's Books at 5l. 18s. 4d. and being sworn of the clear Yearly

Value of 43l. 12s. it is discharged of First-Fruits and Tenths; but the Parish paid 18s. each Tenth. The Temporals of the Prior of Windham were valued at 6d. the Parish was valued at about 300l. per Ann. of which Peter Le Neve Esq; at his Death had a third Part in Free, and Copyhold Land, ut no Manor.

The Steeple here is round, and hath three Bells, there is only a Nave, which is thatched, the Chancel is tiled, there is only one modern inscription for Frances Grime. There are no Arms in the Windows.

Terre Willi de Warrenna. Forhou Hundret. i dim.

In WALEBRUNA x liberi homines, T. R. E. i xl Acres: modo sunt xx liberi homines. semper iiii Caz. i iii Acr. prati.

WALEBRUN or WELBORNE, at the Conqueror's Survey belonged to William Earl of Warenne, and was held of the Castle of Lewes, and afterwards of Castle-Acre.

In 1267, James de Welborne held a whole Fee, and was not a Knight, but was obliged to take that Honour, in 1280, by the Name of James de Thorp of Welborne, he conveyed the Manor to Sir Robert de Hengham, with Lands in Baconsthorp, in Trust; in 1304, Sir Rob. de Baconsthorp was Lord; in 1315, Sir John de Baconsthorp, and in 1323, Sir Rob de Baconsthorp and Margaret his Wife, setled the Manor and Advowson on themselves in Tail; I find him to be the same Person called Edm. Bacon of Gresham; in 1344, Edmund de Baconsthorp setled it on Will. Fraunsham Master of Mottyngham College, Roger Townsend of Reynham, Will: Langford Rector here, John Welles and others.

In 1390, John de Brunham or Barnham, and his Parceners were Lords, and held it at a Quarter of a Fee of the Earl of Arundel, and in 1401, he infoeffed Nich. de Wichingham, Henry Maupas Clerk, Simon Gaunstede Clerk, James Billingford, Jeffry Somerton, John Alderford, Will. Chaumpeneys Junior, and John Wissingsete; In 1425, Will: Billingford had his first Court, in 1435, Edmund Playter Gent. held his first Court. Tho. Wetherby was Lord in 1440, when his first Court occurs; in 1449, John Son and Heir of Will: Bylligford had his first Court, In 1563, it was in the Hands of Tho. Playter Gent of Saterly in Suff. who died seized of this, Saterly, and Uggeshall in 1479, and William was his Son and Heir: in 1485, Henry Haydon, John Paston, and Ralf Shelton Knts. Edmund Jenny, Will. Gurney, Rob: Drury, Tho: Jenny, John Yaxley, Will: Jenny, and Will. Mekylfield Junior, kept their first Court; in 1527, it belonged half to Plaiters, and half to Billingford, and in 1530, Edm. Billingford, and Tho Billingford Gent. his Son and Heir, Edmund and Christ. Platers, and Anne his Wife, Rob: Whiting and Elizabeth his Wife, Anthony Poley and Joan his Wife, Roger Docking and Margaret his Wife, all joined and sold the Manor and Advowson to

AUGUSTINE STEWARD, Citizen and Alderman of Norwich, he married first Elizabeth Daughter of William Read of Beccles, secondly Alice Daughter of Henry Reppes of West-Walton in Norfolk, by whom he had

EDWARD STEWARD of London, and two Daughters, Elizabeth and Alice, married to John Aldrich of Mangreen; by his first Wife he had

WILL. STEWARD of Gaulthorp-Hall in Swerdeston, Lord thereof and of Welborne, in 1566, when his Father died; he married first Elizabeth Daughter of Sir Christ. Jenny of Great-Cressingham, by whom he had

AUGUSTINE STEWARD of Linn, their Son and Heir, but he did inherit this Manor, for by his Marriage Settlement dated 13 Dec: 1575, he setled on Edw. Sulyard, Tho: Edon, Rich: Edon, Esqs; Tho: Sotherton, Rob: Wood, Christ. Layer, Citizens and Aldermen of Norwich, Ralph Shelton Esq; Henry Bird S. T. P. and John Sotherton Junior of Norwich Grocer, in Trust for his second Wife, Griffild Daughter of Tho. Edon of Sudbury, and her Issue, she had two Sons Thomas and Edward; and accordingly

THOMAS STEWARD of Swardeston and Welborne, her eldest Son, inherited; he married Mary Daughter of Henry Lord Grey of Groby, who survived him; she was buried in St. Stephen's Church in Norwich, 5 Sept: 1650, and has Issue, Henry, Mary, and Anne; he was buried in that Church in 1637.

In 1619, John Mingey Citizen and Alderman of Norwich, held his first Court, as Trustee to Steward, he joined with Thomas Steward and sold it to Robert Crask Citizen and Alderman of Norwich, Tho. Atkin Gent. and Rich. Crask of Wendling; the said Robert in 1638, gave the Revertion to Rob. Allen and Jane his Wife, and Robert their Son, in 1639, the said Rob. and Jane held their first Court, the said Rob. sold the Advowson from the Manor, which by his Will he gave to Tho. Allen his Kinsman, who was only Son of Tho: Allen of Norwich Clerk Robert's eldest Brother, whose Will was proved in 1693, and the said Tho. Allen about 1705, sold it ti Mr. John Hook of Norwich Surgeon, who is the present Lord.

© Transcribed by E.C.("Paddy") Apling, March 2005; links updated May 2010.

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