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Norfolk - Great Massingham

Index of Wills, 1738 – 1858

Massingham Wills : Norwich Archdeaconry Court and Norwich Consistory Court 1738 – 1858

[Copyright © Janice Tostevin, April 2003]


: The originals of all the wills described below are held at the Norfolk Record Office, Norwich, which retains all copyright. The information has been extracted from indexes and the microfilms of the wills held at Norfolk RO (NRO). All the wills relate to testators who were living in either the parish of Great Massingham (GM) or Little Massingham (LM). Occasionally the parish is only described as 'Massingham'.

Testators are listed alphabetically but all information, spelling etc is as it appears in the original so where Ff is used rather than F at the beginning of a name that is how it will be listed eg Ffyson appears before Fisher. The names have been copied to the best of my ability and where there is clearly a query a (?) follows the name. There are still bound to be some errors, for which I apologise. I have, for example, opted for Slegg, rather than Flegg on the grounds that it never appears with Ff. Both are Norfolk surnames so I may have come to the wrong conclusion. It is similarly quite difficult to distinguish between Burrell and Barrett, both of which names occur in the area, so anyone looking for either would be well advised to look at both.

Below each entry is a reference. NRO (Norfolk Record Office), either NCC (Norwich Consistory Court) or ANW (Norwich Archdeaconry Court) plus a microfilm number (MF), a will number (W) if given in the original index and a folio number (F) which relates to the place on the microfilm. Each will is indexed under the year in which it was proved.

I believe that I have retrieved all the Massingham wills for this period from the indexes but it is possible that there are omissions. The ANW wills for instance are only indexed by surname and not by place.

The following surnames appear in the wills. The number of the relevant will follows the name. The same name often appears several times in the same will as the name may refer to a testator, beneficiary, executor, witness , tenant etc. Similarly several names appear in different wills. The same person may appear under different spellings.

Additional note [ECA]:
Clicking on will numbers in the surname list will take the you directly to the notes on the numbered will. The back button on the brower will return you to the surnames index.


: ALCOCK (47), ALDHAM (10), BANKS (3), BARNES (1), BARSHAM (39), BARROW / BURROW? (26), BASHAM (10), BECK (11, 34), BENNINGTON (2, 8), BILLING (29), BLACK (48), BLAKE (14), BLYTH (3, 14, 17), BONE (22), BRINGWOOD? (2), BROOKE (53), BUBBING (33), BUNCKELL (35), BURDEN (4, 33), BURRELL (47), CAGE (5), CARR (18,42,43), CARTER (5), CASE (15), CATTON (6), CAUNCE (49), CHAMBERLAIN (7), CHAPLIN (2), CHILVERS (9), CHISNEY (51), CHOWTON (16), CHURCH (30), CLEARBONE (51), CLEMENTS (4), CLIFFES? (42), COCKERELL (1), COLE (21), COLLISON (24), COOK (34), COOPER (9, 29), CORK (54), CRANE (50), CROW (49), CURTIS (10, 11, 12,13), CURZON (20, 48), CUSHING (6).

DASHWOOD (15), DAWS/DORRS (13), DELF (54), DENHAM (40, 50), DIXON (13), DOD? (20), DUFFIELD (14), EMERSON (14), FARINGTON? (43), FERRET (27), FFARRELL (26), FFOWLER (15), FFRANKLYN (2, 33, 47, 54), FFROMOW? (46), FFULLER (16), FFYSON (16), FILLS (36), FISHER (17, 31), FORSTER (8), FRAMINGHAM (8, 18, 19, 41), FRANKLAND (34), FRANKLYN (20, 25), FROST (22), FULLER (24).

GAGE (22), GAMBLE (1), GARDINER (21), GARNER (24), GARRAD (5), GARWOOD (29), GIBSON (22), GLOVER (20, 23), GODBOLD (19, 26, 38, 41, 42, 44), GODFREY (24), GOODWIN (35, 42), GOTTS? (3), GREEN (25),GROOME (2, 5, 48). HALL (8), HAMONDE (43), HARPLEY (24), HERRING (17), HEWITT (32), HONINGTON (55), HOWLET/HOWLIN (5), HOWARD (26, 27, 44), HUBBARD (26, 28), HUDSON (32), HYLDEN (29).

IBBOTT (23), JARVIS (27, 32), JENKERSON (30), JEX (31, 36, 37), JOHNSON (35), JOY (32, 56), JOYNSON (44), KENDALL (10, 24), KENNEY (6, 33, 36, 37), KIDMORE (35), KING (12, 24), KNIGHT (34), LACK (33), LARGE (7), LAWRENCE (35), LAWS (25), LEEDS (14), LENDALL (11, 31), LOVE (10, 12, 31).

MALLET (25), MANNING (10, 29, 34), MARTIN (35), MASON (27, 31, 36, 37, 48, 51, 52), MAYES (10), MAYS (23, 38), MILLS (20, 24), MITCHELL (26), MOLLINCOSS? (14), MONEY (40), MOORE (1), MORGAN (2), NEWMANS (14), NEWTON (39), NICHOLS (34), NORBURN (52), OUTLAW (53).

PARTRIDGE (35), PAWLEY (7, 18, 19, 40, 41), PEARSON (45), PEARCE (1), PESTELL (36), PETTIFER (3), PIGG (21, 49), PIGGE (42, 43), PILGRAM (26), PILGRIM (28, 44), PLATTEN (56), POOL (8), RANSOME (46), RAVEN (14, 31), READER (48), REYNOLDS (11, 45, 50), RICHMAN (44), RUDLAND (51), RUMP (46), RUST (30).

SALMON (15, 47), SANDS (31), SEWELL (7), SHARPE (26), SHAW (20), SHORTEN (8), SILVERWOOD (45), SLEGG (6, 27, 28, 38, 48, 51), SMITH (12, 29, 31, 57), SOUTHGATE (26), SQUIRE (16), STANFORD (10, 11, 12), STEED (49), STOW (23), STOWE (54), STUCK(L)EY (9, 14), SWAINSTON (40).

TAWELL (46), TAYLOR (41), TILBROOK (26), TILNEY (2), TITE (13, 45), TITTERINGHAM (26), TOLL (4), TOOKE (55), TOWNLEY (1), TWIDAY (38), UTTING (41), WACEY (40, 45, 50), WALKER (43), WARNES (35), WEBBER (51), WEATHERHEAD (21), WEST (18, 52, 53), WESTBY (5, 37), WHINCOP (24), WHITBY (51, 54, 55), WHITEHEAD? (25), WHITING (56), WIGG (46), WOODBINE (23), WRIGHT (7, 9, 14, 56), YOUNG (57).


BARNES, Hannah . GM August 9 1834. Proved December 6 1842

Daughter Mary Barnes
Daughter Ann Cockerell, wife of John Cockerell of Fincham, Labourer.
Daughter Sarah Moore, wife of John Moore, GM, Labourer
Daughter Elizabeth Pearce, wife of John Pearce of East Winch, Labourer
Sons Clark, Edward, Thomas, William Barnes all of Fincham, all Labourers.

Executors : William Barnes, Edward Newman Gamble of Kings Lynn, Gentleman

Witnesses: Jonathan Townley jun., Edmund Townley

Value: Under £200 Testatrix died 22nd November 1842

NRO/ANW MF 362 W 96 F147 (1842)

BENNINGTON, John, Yeoman. GM. Sept 16 1736. Proved May 25 1738

Kinsman Thomas Tillney
Kinswoman Elizabeth (Bringwood?)
Brother William Bennington of Great Massingham

Executor: Brother William Bennington
Witnesses: Peter Morgan, John Chaplin, Thomas Ffranklyn

NRO/NCC MF 435 F38 (1738)

BLYTH, Robert. Farmer. GM. April 30 1787. Proved March 17 1789

Named :
Eldest son Robert Blyth
Son Samuel Blyth
Son William Blyth
Daughter Hannah, wife of Samuel Blyth of Burnham Tofts, farmer
Daughters Martha Blyth and Mary Blyth
Daughter Maria Blyth (minor)
Servant, Susan Gotts(?) (in codicil. See note below)

Executor : William Blyth

Witnesses :
William Banks, Sarah Banks late of Massingham ; William Yarrington of Swaffham

Witnesses to codicil :
William Banks of Massingham ; William Yarrington of Swaffham ; Matthew Pettifer, servant to Mr Blyth.

Note :
'My eldest son Robert Blyth now in foreign parts, on whose account I have expended several considerable sums of money.'
Codicil states 'to servant Susan Gotts(?) £20 and such part of my overworn apparel as my Executor shall think proper to give her.'

NRO/ANW MF 348 F 33 (1789)
BURDEN, Thomas. Yeoman GM. May 31 1746. Proved Aug 24 1746

Named :
Wife Jane Burden
Daughter Elizabeth Burden
Sons Jonathan and Thomas Burden

'All goods to be sold except such part thereof my said wife was possessed of before her marriage with me which I do hereby give unto her for her sole benefit.'

Witnesses : Thomas Toll, Matthew Clements
NRO/ NCC MF 436. F 66 (1746)

CARTER,Thomas. Labourer . LM. August 4 1821. Proved Nov 8 1821

Named :
Wife Mary Carter
Granddaughter Mary Howlet (Howlin inserted in brackets)

Executrix: Mary Carter

Witnesses : None.
There is a signed note by Samuel Westby of Great Massingham, Schoolmaster, sworn 3rd Nov 1821 stating that 'About 3rd of August last he was sent for by Thomas Carter of Little Massingham, labourer, since deceased , to make his will and that the deponent in consequence went to the said Thomas Carter's house, who was then very ill in bed and took the instructions for such a will. Thomas Carter told him he should like the will to be made so that his wife could have such property as she might want to live upon as long as she lived and that if any of it was left at her death he should like it to go to his granddaughter…. He took instruction, went home and put it into writing and added a seal of wax. The testator made his mark without any witnesses.'

Further note that Mary Carter was beneficiary of the will of William Cage of Kings Lynn and the executor of that will, William Garrad of Kings Lynn also appeared 31st October 1821.

Value under £300.
NRO/ANW MF 357 W91 F134 (1821)

CATTON, William. Farmer. GM. August 20 1764. Proved February 5 1767

Wife Elizabeth Catton

Executrix: Elizabeth Catton

Witnesses: Charles Slegg, William Cushing, Edmund Kenney

NRO/ANW MF 340 F 22 (1767)

CHAMBERLAIN, Moses. Cattle Drover. GM. Nov 18 1820. Proved October 15 1822

Wife Esther Chamberlain
Sons Charles, George, John, Moses Chamberlain
Granddaughter Mary Chamberlain, daughter of son Moses Chamberlain

Executors: Charles Chamberlain, Thomas Large of Hilborough, Victualler.

Witnesses: John Wright, William Pawley, Robert Sewell, all of Swaffham

Value : Under £100
NRO/ANW MF 357. W84 F141 (1822)

CLIFTON, Ann. GM May 24 1749. Proved June 25 1749

Named :
King Hall of Wells
Mary Shorten
Robert Shorten
William Bennington '10 shillings together with what money he has in his hands.'
John Pool of Harpley. One shilling

Executors : Mary Shorten, Robert Shorten

Witnesses : Thomas Caunce, James Framingham, Henry Forster

NRO/NCC MF 437 F96 (1749)

COOPER, Levi. Malster. GM. December 13 1779. Proved January 29 1788

Wife Mary Cooper

Executrix : Mary Cooper

Witnesses : William Wright, William Chilvers, William Stuckey

Note: Property in Grimston 'and elsewhere in UK'.

NRO/ANW MF 1466. W32 F19 (1788)

CURTIS, Abel. Farmer. GM. November 28 1820. Proved May 25 1830

Wife Mary Curtis
Brother in law George Love of Harpley, Glazier
Sister Sophia, wife of George Love
Brother Minns Curtis
Sister Lucy, wife of Charles Stanford
William Manning of GM, Farmer
John Kendall ; Edward Basham ; Richard Mayes ; who were all tenants of his property in East Rudham.

Executors: George Love, William Manning

Witnesses : Susan Aldham, B Aldham, H H Cook

Value : Under £450 Testator died December 17 1829

NRO/ANW MF 359 W43. F45 (1830)

CURTIS, John. Farmer. GM. November 7 1806. Proved December 23 1806

Named :
'Honoured mother' Mary Curtis
'Beloved brother' Abel Curtis
'Beloved sister' Sophia Curtis
'Beloved brother' Minns Curtis
'Beloved sister' Lucy Stanford

Executors : Abel Curtis, Sophia Curtis

Witnesses : James Reynolds, surgeon ; Anthony Beck; Robert Lendall

Note :
Lucy's portion must be 'free from control of her husband.'

NRO/ANW MF 352 W68 F79 (1806)

CURTIS, Mary, widow. GM. April 11 1811. Proved November 4 1814.

Named :
Son Able (sic) Curtis
Son in law George Love
Daughter Sophia, wife of George Love
Grandchild Sophia Love
Grandchild Sophia Stanford
Daughter Lucy, wife of Charles Stanford

Executors : Able Curtis, George Love.

Witnesses :
Samuel King of West Lexham, Charles Smith of West Lexham

Note :
Lucy's portion 'not subject to the control of her husband' , daughter Sophia Love's portion 'as long as she takes care of and maintains my grandchild Sophia Stanford until she is 21 or married (but not subject to the control of any husband) , in case the said Sophia shall not continue to reside with said Aunt Sophia Love.'

Proved at Weasenham
Value : Under £450

NRO/ANW MF 355. W83 F135 (1814)

DAWS, John. Widower. GM. December 7 1804. Proved March 19 1818

Named :
Son Adam Dorrs

Executor : Adam Dorrs

Witnesses : Charles Tite, John Dixon, John Curtis

Note :
Signs name John Daws.

NRO/ANW MF 356 W26 F40 (1818)

EMERSON, Mary, Widow. GM. March 30 1816. Proved February 25 1819

Named :
Friend, William Blyth of Gt Massingham, Gentleman
Friend Peter Raven of Litcham, Surgeon & Apothecary
Friend Robert Molincoss ??of Kings Lynn, Gentleman
Daughter Mary Duffield, Widow
Daughter Henrietta Leeds, Widow
Grand daughter Eleanora Maria Duffield
Daughter Charlotte, wife of William Stuck(l)ey, Gentleman
Granddaughter Charlotte, wife of John Newmans of City of London
Granddaughter Mary Duffield, Spinster
Granddaughter Sarah Emerson Stuck(l)ey, Spinster
Rebecca Blake (beneficiary of Mary Emerson's mother's will)

Executors : William Blyth, Peter Raven

Witnesses : William Wright, Charles Wright

Value : Under £800 (left daughters each £10 for mourning expenses).
NRO/ANW MF 356 W21 F44 (1819)

FFOWLER, John, Grocer. GM. March 8 1738. Proved Sept 3 1739

Wife (unnamed in will but named as Frances at time of probate)

Executrix: Wife
Witnesses: John Dashwood, Martin Salmon, Ph Case
NRO/NCC MF 435 F95 (1739)

FFYSON, Mary. Widow. LM. January 30 1752. Proved June 7 1752

Son Joseph Ffyson of Bristol, butcher
Younger son William Ffyson now or late of City of Wells, Somerset, grocer
Son in law William Chowton of Little Massingham

Executor: William Chowton

Witnesses : Charles Squire, Sarah Ffuller

Note :
'To the poor of the parish of Watlington in the County of Norfolk, 20 shillings to be invested at discretion of Rector and Overseer of the poor.'
NRO/ANW MF 1460 W67 F 187 (1752)

FISHER, Edward. Gentleman. GM. May 6 1831. Proved July 7 1834

Named :
Wife Elizabeth Fisher
Son Edward Fisher
Daughters Elizabeth Fisher, Sophia Fisher, Emily Fisher
Daughter Mary Ann, wife of Humphrey Herring
Nephew Money Fisher of North Elmham, Gentleman

Executors : Edward Fisher, Money Fisher

Witnesses : William Blyth, D'Urban Blyth

Value : Under £3,000 Testator died May 4 1834
NRO/ANW MF 1469 W35 F53. (1834)

FRAMINGHAM, James. Innholder. February 22 1764. Proved May 16 1768

Named :
Wife Mary Framingham
James, Matthew and Elizabeth Framingham, children by my first wife
Robert, Edmund(?) and Charles Framingham,, children by Mary Framingham

Executrix : Mary Framingham, wife

Witnesses : Richard West, Elizabeth Pawley, John Carr

Note :
Everything goes to Mary but if she remarries she has to pay 'on the very day she intermarrys, forty shillings apiece to every one of my children then alive.'

NRO/ANW MF 341 W142 F475 (1768)

FRAMINGHAM, Matthew, Innholder. GM. July 12 1775. Proved June 7 1780

Named :
Daughter Mary Framingham
Wife Martha Framingham

Executrix : Martha Framingham
Witnesses : Eliza Pawley, B Godbold
NRO/NCC MF 447 F165 (1780)

FRANKLYN, Thomas. Farmer. GM. April 8 1751. Proved June 28 1762

Named :
Sister Ann Curson, wife of William Curson of Harpley, butcher
Kinsman William Dod(?), son of my sister Ursula
Brother Benjamin Franklyn of Hillington, carpenter
Sister Lucy Franklyn

Executrix : Lucy Franklyn

Witnesses : John Glover, Allin Mills, William Shaw

Note :
Property in Harpley and Castleacre

NRO/ANW MF 1462 F 166 (1762)

GARDINER, John. Rector of GM. July 29 1770. Proved November 26 1770

Named :
Daughter Margaret, wife of Revd Mr Thomas Money of City of Norwich
Only son Captain Richard Gardiner
Neighbour Elizabeth Pigg, widow

Executor : Richard Gardiner but in his absence Elizabeth Pigg

Witnesses : Alice Cole, John Money, William Weatherhead

Note :
Mentions profits arising from living of St Giles, Norwich which go to daughter.
'and whereas it may possibly happen that my said son by vertue of his military employment may be at a great distance from me at the time of my decease I do therefore in such case beg and request of my neighbour and parishioner Mrs Elizabeth Pigg, widow, if she will be so kind as to see me decently interred just in the same manner my poor wife was and that she will take care of all my concerns till my son returns to take the Trust upon himself and that she will accept a mourning ring to remember me with.'

NRO/ANW MF 1463 W112 F149 (1770)

GIBSON, Henry. 'lived and died at GM'. Undated will. Proved October 3 1832

Named :
'Wife and children' (no names) to be beneficiaries.
Martha Gibson, widow of Henry, named when will proved.

Witnesses :
William Gage, GM, labourer ; John Gibson of Flitcham, shepherd ; Sarah Bone of GM, spinster ; Robert Frost of GM, labourer. All witnesses also signed affidavit.

Value : Under £100. Testator died August 26 1832

NRO/ANW MF 1469 W85 F158. (1832)

GLOVER, John. Gentleman. GM. February 23 1761. Proved October 15 1763

Named :
Niece Sarah, the now wife of William Clarke Woodbine of Swaffham, gentleman
Ellen Walker and Martha Bell, sisters to said Sarah Woodbine
Sarah Stow, wife of Thomas Stow of West Rudham, gentleman
Brother Robert Glover of Barwick, gentleman

Executor : Robert Glover

Witnesses : Thomas Mays, Robert Mays, Thomas Ibbott

Note :
To be interred in parish of Tittleshall.
50 shillings to be distributed among poor of Tittleshall
Property in Beeston, Mileham, Wells next Sea 'and elsewhere'
Proved at Wells.

NRO/ANW MF 1462 W115 F486 (1763)

GODFREY, Masters. Farmer. LM. June 7 1792. Proved December 16 1797

Named :
Son John Godfrey
Wife Diana Godfrey
Son Masters Godfrey
Son William Godfrey
Son Hugh Godfrey
Daughter Mary, wife of Thomas Collison
Daughter Ann Godfrey
Daughter Bridget Godfrey
Daughter Susanna Godfrey
Granddaughter Diana Godfrey (minor)

Executor : John Godfrey

Witnesses : Thomas Fuller, John Mills, R Whincop

Witnesses to codicil December 22 1796 :
James Harpley, Samuel King, Samuel Kendall

Note :
To Diana his wife, £40 pa as long as she remains unmarried, reduced to £20 pa if she remarries.
Furniture to wife, then to Susanna Godfrey but if she marries then to granddaughter Diana.
'And with respect to my son Hugh Godfrey, though he hath at various times had of me divers sums of money and is now indebted to me considerably more than I can afford to give him yet I do hereby give and forgive him all such sum and sums of money as he shall happen to owe me at the time of my decease except only £160 which I will direct he shall be charged with and be liable to pay my Executor at Michaelmas 1794 or 6 months after my decease.'
Codicil of December 22 1796 names daughter Bridget as wife of John Garner of Litcham and her inheritance is reduced from £8 pa during mother's life plus £260 at mother's death to '£10 only'.

Value : Under £2,000

NRO/ANW MF 350 F (1797)

GREEN, John. Yeoman. GM. August 1 1741. Proved September 17 1742

Wife Jane
Cousin? Jane (almost illegible)
Daughters Mary Laws, Joanne Mallett
Grandson John Laws
Granddaughters Esther Laws, Elizabeth Laws, Elizabeth and Jane Goldsmith of Wells (their father William Goldsmith)
Vendor from whom he bought land, Thomas Clarke
Also mentions John Clark of Fring and William Reeve of Little Massingham and left money for bread for poor of G and L Massingham.

Executors: Joanne Mallet, John Laws
Witnesses. Thomas Groome, Margaret Whitehead?, Thomas Franklyn
NRO/NCC MF 98 F95 (1742)

HOWARD, John. Shopkeeper. GM. April 8 1768. Proved June 15 1768.

Wife, Elizabeth Howard
Son John Howard
Daughters Mary Howard, Rose Howard, both minors.
Elizabeth, wife of Robert Ffarrell(?) of GM
Grandchildren Elizabeth, John, Ann and William Ffarrell(?)
Robert Southgate, GM
Zachariah Sharpe (land purchase)
William Tilbrook the Younger (land purchase)
John Titteringham, John Mitchell, John Burrow/Barrow? (tenants)

Executrix : Elizabeth Howard, wife

Witnesses : Dorothy Pilgram, William Hubbard, B Godbold

Note :
'£100 to son John to aid and assist his mother in the management of the farming business during the time she shall carry on the same.'

NRO/ANW MF 340 W74 F91 (1768)

HOWARD, Peter. Labourer. GM. March 2 1774. Proved April 16 1774

Named :
Wife Elizabeth Howard
Eldest son Joseph Howard
'Other son' Peter Howard
Daughters (unnamed)
Wortley Jarvis of Weasenham All Saints (land purchase)
Late father John Howard

Executrix : Elizabeth Howard

Witnesses: Charles Slegg, John Mason, Robert F Ferret, Robert Ferret

NRO/ANW MF 344 W45 F57 (1774)

HUBBARD, William. Blacksmith. GM. March 2 1769. Proved March 23 1769.

Brother Reuben Hubbard of Gateley 'my straight every day coat and black waistcoat.'
Brother Robert Hubbard of Briston 'a greatcoat and flannel waistcoat.'
Wife Amy Hubbard. Received bulk of estate.
Executrix : Amy Hubbard
Witnesses Charles Slegg, Joseph Pilgrim
NRO/NCC MF 98 F46 (1769)

HYLDEN, Robert. Farmer. GM.April 10 1825. Proved Nov 24 1825

Wife Mary Hylden
Daughter Sarah, wife of William Wilkins Manning

Executors: William Wilkin Manning, 'good friend' John Billing of Coxford

Witnesses: Burcham Cooper, John Garwood, John Smith
NRO/NCC MF : 465 F466 (1825)

JENKERSON, Jane. 'Of Massingham' Feb 15 1762. Proved March 2 1762

Sister, Mary Rust 'now living at Massingham'.

Executrix: Mary Rust

Witnesses: Matilda Church, Frances Francks
NRO/NCC MF 440. F54 (1762)

JEX, Jonathan. Blacksmith. GM. January 9 1854. Proved Feb 21 1854

Son in law James Love of Harpley, plumber and glazier
Friend John Smith of GM, butcher
Daughter Mary Ann, wife of James Love
Daughter Susanna Sands, widow
Vendors from whom he bought land , John Raven, Richard Lendall

Executors: James Love, John Smith

Witnesses: James Mason, George Fisher

Property described:
8.5 acres in GM abutting upon the road leading to Hillington towards the South.
3 cottages, yards, gardens and outbuildings in GM adjoining the PH called the Fox and Pheasant.
Copyhold tenement or PH by the name of The Oak in GM
5 cottages with barn yards, garden and outbuildings near or adjoining The Oak.
2 freehold cottages purchased of Richard Lendall (location not given).
NRO/NCC MF 468 F68 (1854)

JOY, John, Surgeon. 'Of Massingham'. July 5 1842. Proved June 12 1844

Wife, Anne Holman Joy
Late Wife, Elizabeth Sophia Joy
Children by late wife (unnamed except John William, who was to be cut out of the will).

Executors: Wife Anne Holman Joy, John Hudson of Castle Acre.

Witnesses: L W Jarvis, E Hewitt
Witnesses to codicil: LW Jarvis, L Wh Jarvis
NRO/NCC MF 110 F378 (1844)

LACK, John, Bricklayer. GM. March 24 1737. Proved May 24 1738

Named :
Wife Elizabeth Lack
Daughter Elizabeth Burden, wife of Thomas Burden of Great Massingham
Grandsons Jonathan Burden and John Lack
Granddaughter Elizabeth Burden
Occupant of cottage William Keny

Witnesses : Elizabeth Bubbing (made mark), Thomas Ffranklyn
NRO/NCC MF 435 F12 (1738)

MANNING, William Wilkin. Farmer. GM. April 16 1834. Proved July 15 1835

Named :
Son William Manning
Son Robert Manning
Daughters Hannah and Elizabeth
5 children, William, Robert, Hannah, Elizabeth and Mary, of the wife of John Knight.
Friend John Beck of Congham, farmer
Friend Deeker Cook of GM farmer

Executors : John Beck, Deeker Cook, William Manning

Witnesses : Charles Frankland, Edward Nichols

Value : Under £3,000. Testator died December 25 1834

NRO/ANW MF 1469 W57 F63 (1835)

MARTIN, Susanna. Widow. GM. October 30 1840. Proved February 28 1843

Named :
Susanna, wife of Charles Lawrence of GM, wheelwright
Charlotte, wife of William Warnes of Harpley, yeoman
Harriet, wife of Thomas Kidmore of Sutton St James, Lincs, wheelwright
Charles Bunckell of Boston, Lincs, carpenter
'which said S Lawrence, C Warnes, H Kidmore and C Bunckell are the three daughters and one of the two sons of my late sister Margaret Bunchel (sic) widow.'
Nephew Christopher Bunckell of No 2 Dorchester Place, Blandford Squ, London
Frederick Robert Partridge of Kings Lynn, solicitor

Executors : Christopher Bunckell, Frederick Robert Partridge

Witnesses :
Richard Johnson of GM, collar maker ; Charles Goodwin of Kings Lynn, solicitor

Note : Codicil of October 30 1840 leaves bedstead, bedding and all money in house to niece Susanna Lawrence.

Value : Under £300.

NRO/ANW MF362 W15 F25 (1843)

MASON, Martha. Innkeeper. GM.May 10 1853. Proved January 13 1854

Brother John Mason of Norwich 'and his six children' (not named)
William, illegitimate son of my sister Ann Mason
Martha Fills, daughter of Ellen Pestell (late Mason, my sister)

Executors : Jonathan Jex of GM and John Mason of Norwich

Witnesses: William Kenney, John Kenney

John Kenney, grocer of Gt Massingham, signs affidavit dated January 28 1854
Testatrix died January 1 1854

NRO/ANW MF 364 W6 F17 (1854)

MASON, Thomas. Publican. GM. May 12 1828. Proved July 11 1828

Named :
Wife, Mary Mason
Daughters Mary and Martha 'and their brother and sisters' (Unnamed)

Executrix : Wife Mary Mason

Witnesses : Samuel Westby, William Kenney junior, Jonathan Jex

Value : Under £100 (Includes property in Harpley) Testator died June 15 1828

NRO/ANW MF356 W53 F74 (1828)

MAYS, Thomas. GM. Butcher. June 8 1764. Proved July 13 1768

Daughters Ellen Mays, Mary Mays, Sarah Twiday
Son Robert Mays

Executor: Robert Mays

Witnesses: Charles Slegg, P Godbold

£50 each to daughters Ellen and Mary, 'One shilling to be paid by my executor when demanded' to daughter Sarah Twiday.

NRO/ANW MF 340 W82 F103 (1768)

NEWTON, William. Farmer. LM. January 8 1765. Proved July 4 1768

Named :
Wife Mary Newton
Son William Newton
Daughter Mary, wife of William Nelson
Daughter Sarah Newton (minor)
Daughter Susanna Newton (minor)
Son Charles Newton (minor)
Son Robert Newton (minor)

Executrix : Mary Newton, wife. Also guardian of Sarah, Susanna, Charles and Robert Newton

Witnesses : John Barsham, William Barsham

Note :
'And so soon as my said son Robert shall be capable thereof my will is that he shall be bound out to some Trade such as he and my Executrix shall choose and the money paid for such Trade and finding him Apparel during the said Apprenticeship.'

NRO/ANW MF 340 W84 F105 (1768)

PAWLEY, Elizabeth. Spinster. GM. January 26 1784. Proved April 14 1787

Named :

Nephew William Randall Pawley, tailor
Elizabeth, wife of William Randall Pawley
John Wacey, bricklayer
Brother Benjamin Pawley of City of London, baker
Benjamin, Richard, Robert, Ann Mary, Elizabeth & Martha Pawley sons and daughters of late brother Richard Pawley
Sister in law Mary Pawley of Gt Yarmouth, widow of late brother William
Elizabeth, daughter of Richard and Elizabeth West of Gt Massingham

Executors: William Randall Pawley, John Wacey

Witnesses: Benjamin Swainston, Davy Denham, John Money

Extremely detailed will, bequeathing jewellery, silver, clothing, china etc
Proved at Gt Bircham.

NRO/ANW MF 1466/1 W29 F103 (1787)

PAWLEY, Ellen, GM. Jan 29 1762. Proved April 1 1772

Named :
Daughter Elizabeth Pawley. Sole beneficiary but conditional on her paying debts to Benjamin Utting of East Rudham, Innkeeper.

Executrix : Elizabeth Pawley

Witnesses : Mary Taylor, Matthew Framingham, B Godbold
NRO/NCC MF 443 F70 (1772)

PIGGE, Andrew. Yeoman. GM. Aug 6 1745. Proved March 27 1747

Named :
Brothers Henry Pigge, Thomas Pigge
Mother Rose Pigge
Nieces Elizabeth Pigge, Rose Pigge, (daughters of brother Thomas)
Nephew Henry Pigge (son of brother Thomas Pigge)
Sister Rose Carr
Niece Rose Carr
Nephew Thomas Carr
Cousins Ann Pigge, Hannah Pigge (daughters of Thomas Pigge of Egmore).

Executor : Brother Henry Pigge

Overseers of will : Thomas Pigge of Egmore, gentleman ; Thomas Pigge of Congham, gentleman

Witnesses : John Cliffes (?), Henry Goodwin, P Godbold.

NRO/NCC MF 436 F66 (1746)

PIGGE, Elizabeth. Widow. GM. July 11 1794. Proved March 28 1797

Named :
Edmund Walker of Harpley, farmer
Thomas Carr of Kings Lynn, merchant
Daughter Elizabeth Shaul
Son Thomas Pigge
Granddaughter Elizabeth Pigge
Grandsons Henry Jermyn, Able Jermyn, Edmund Shaul
Granddaughters Rose Jermyn, Susan Jermyn
Charlotte, wife of grandson Edmund Shaul

Executors : Edmund Walker, Thomas Carr

Witnesses : S M Farington (?), H Pigge, Hor Hamonde

Note :
Extremely detailed describing furniture, clothing, silver, china, table and bed linen etc

NRO/ANW MF350 W26 F25 (1797)

PILGRIM, Joseph. Innholder. GM. November 9 1772. Proved April 16 1774

Named :
Daughter Mary, wife of John Joynson
Wife Dorothy Pilgrim
Daughter Elizabeth Pilgrim (still a minor)

Executrix : Dorothy Pilgrim

Witnesses : John Howard, John Richman, B Godbold

NRO/ANW MF 344. W37 F48 (1774)

REYNOLDS, James. Surgeon. GM. September 4 1794. Proved June 25 1810

Wife Sarah Reynolds
Brothers John Reynolds, Joseph Reynolds
Silverwoods of Lynn ('my nephew and his two sisters')

Executrix: Sarah Reynolds

Witnesses: John Wacey, Charles Tite, Richard Pearson

NRO/ANW MF 353 W58 F92 (1810)

RUMP, Thomas. Gentleman. GM. February 12 1796. Proved June 10 1797

Sons John Rump, James Rump, Thomas Rump
Ann, wife of John Ffromow(?) of Horsford, farmer (discharge of bond)

Executor: Thomas Rump

Witnesses : Wm Tawell, J S Wigg, G Ransome

Value: Under £10,000

NRO/ANW MF350 W64 F72 (1797)

SALMON, Martin. Butcher. GM. August 24 1742. Proved September 8 1742

Wife Elizabeth Salmon, to whom he left all, on condition she didn't remarry and also brought up his daughter 'in a handsome manner.'
Daughter Elizabeth Salmon
Brother Luke Salmon
Kinsman Martin Burrell, son of Adam

Executrix; Elizabeth Salmon (wife)
Witnesses: Adam Burrell, Thomas Ffranklyn, Sarah Alcock.
NRO/NCC MF 98 F94 (1742)

SCARNAL, Ann. Widow. GM. May 22 1772. Proved June 24 1774

Named :
Daughter Elizabeth Curzon, widow
Granddaughter Ann Black
Granddaughter Ann Groome
Son in law John Mason and Ann his wife

Executors: John and Ann Mason

Witnesses : Charles Slegg, Matthew Reader

NRO/ANW MF 344 W61 F 88 (1774)

STEED, Thomas. Labourer. GM. May 3 1756. Proved June 24 1756

Named: Henry Pigg of Great Massingham

Executor : Henry Pigg

Witnesses : Thomas Caunce, Ann Crow

NRO/ANW MF 336 W81 F207 (1756)

WACEY, John, Bricklayer. GM Jan 15 1798. Proved Nov 23 1798

Wife Susannah Wacey
Sons George, John and Jonathan Wacey
Daughters Mary Holt, Elizabeth Wacey, Susannah Wacey

Executors : Wife Susannah Wacey, son George Wacey

Witnesses : James Reynolds, Davy Denham, William Crane
NRO/NCC MF 455 F158 (1798)

WEBBER, John, Wheelwright. GM. Jan 5 1772. Proved Feb 22 1772

Named :
Son in law James Clearbone, Elizabeth his wife and son John who each left 1 shilling to be paid one calendar month after decease.
Son in law Joseph Rudland of Feltwell who was left house, old barn, leanto dwelling,garden, yard and all appurtenances thereunto, 'all my wearing apparel, , bed linen, table linen, other linen of what kind soever they be or wheresoever.'

Executor : John Chisney of Swaffham who instructed to sell all household furniture, goods, chattels and effects, to settle debts and to pay surplus to Joseph Rudland.

Witnesses : Charles Slegg, William Whitby, John Mason
NRO/NCC MF 443 F45 (1772)

WEST, Richard. Massingham. April 18 1787. Proved October 30 1787

Sons William West, Richard West
Daughter Mary West

Executor : None named.

Witnesses : John Norburn, Thomas Mason

Everything left to William and Mary 'to support the youngest part of my family in putting them apprentices to trades or in any other way that shall be most likely to promote their welfare… I have an elder son who does not want, yet nonetheless may be for monopolizing what little I do possess and thereby reduce my youngest children to poverty. I therefore hope there will be no cavilling about the legality thereof.'

NRO/ANW MF 1466/1 W78 F112 (1787)

WEST, William. Blacksmith.GM.. September 2 1788. Proved October 4 1788

Sister Mary West 'she executing the order of my father's will'.

Executrix: Mary West

Witnesses: William Brooke, Anne Outlaw.

Note; Proved at Great Bircham

NRO/ANW MF 1466/2 W91 F 152 (1788)

WHITBY, Thomas. Labourer. GM September 16 1744. Proved March 26 1751

Named :
Wife Mary Whitby
Robert Delf (tenant)
Mother Frances Man, widow
Daughter Mary Whitby
Son William Whitby, cordwainer

Executrix : Wife, Mary Whitby

Witnesses : Alice Delf, Frances Cork, Thomas Ffranklyn

NRO/ANW MF 1460 W1 F217 (1751)

WHITBY, William. Cordwainer. GM. March 6 1790. Proved February 11 1794

Named :
Wife (gives no name)

Executrix : Wife (unnamed)

Witnesses : Ann Stowe(?), John Honington junior, Samuel C Tooke.

Note :
Mentions copyhold in Great Massingham

NRO/ANW MF 350 W14 F19 (1794)

WRIGHT, Henry. Shopkeeper. GM. July 9 1822. Proved January 1 1823.

Named :
Wife Elizabeth Wright

Executrix : Elizabeth Wright

Witnesses : John Whiting, John Platten, John Joy, surgeon.

Note :
Leaves property in Kings Lynn 'and elsewhere' plus household furniture, stock in trade, books.

Value : Under £1,500.

NRO/ANW MF 357 W1 F1 (1823)

YOUNG, Robert, Grocer. GM. Feb 4 1730. Proved Jan 21 1760

Named :
Loving and well-beloved wife, Rose Young

Executrix : Rose Young

Witnesses : William Smith, Susanna Smith , Thomas Clarke
NRO/NCC MF 440 F40 (1760)

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