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Woodrising - Census 1851

Transcription © Copyright E C Apling June 2000 (from whom additional information about Woodrising families is available).
Transcribed from microfilm held by Norwich Central Library.
Original © British Crown Copyright. No responsibility for the accuracy or comprehensiveness of this transcription is implied or accepted by Her Majesty's Stationery Office.


Census 1851

[HO 107/1824

The whole of the parish of Woodrising, including the Hall, Farm & Lodges, Rectory, and houses at Church Green, houses by Arch (Hingham Road) and houses by Lodge (Scoulton Road)

23 houses inhabited none uninhabited
Inhabitants: 56 M 71 F = 127

On the night of March 30th 1851:
visitors 0 M 2F = 2
absent 2 M 1F = 3

3rd April 1851 William Lane (or Gaze ?) of Southbergh Enumerator
8th April 1851 Francis Lee Registrar
delivered to me on 21st April 1851
10th May 1851 Charles Wright Supt. Regsistrar

1. Cottage near Hingham Lodge

John Eagling

Head 73 M Widower Agricultural Labourer Woodrising

John Eagling

son 37 Shepherd Woodrising

Maria Eagling

son's wife 39 Laundress Harling

John Eagling junior

grandson 13 Ag. Boy Harling

Anna M Eagling

grand dau 9 scholar

2. Cottage near Hingham Lodge.

Edward Clarke

Head 41 M Ag. Labourer Cranworth

Maria Clarke

wife 37 M Great Dunham

Elizabeth Chamberlain Clarke

dau 16 Great Dunham

Marianne Clarke

dau 14 Woodrising

William Clarke

son 12 Ag. boy Woodrising

Susan Clarke

dau 10 scholar

Sarah Ann Clarke

dau 6 scholar Woodrising


son 3 scholar

3. Cottage near Hingham Lodge.

Robert Thurston

Head 42 M Agric. Labourer Elsing

Elizabeth Thurston

wife 43 M Agric. Labourer Southbergh

Isaac Thurston

son 12 scholar Woodrising

John Thurston

son 10 scholar Woodrising

Anne Thurston

dau 8 scholar Woodrising

Daniel Thurston

son 5 scholar Woodrising

Sarah Ann

dau 3 Woodrising

4. Lodge near Hingham.

Charles Graves

Head 39 M Agric. Labourer Gressenhall

Martha Greaves

wife 34 M wife Carbrooke

Elizabeth Greaves

dau 9 scholar Woodrising

5. Lodge near Hingham.

Sarah Elliot

Head 47 M coachman's wife {no entry]

Sarah Ann Elliot

dau 20 U straw bonnet maker Norwich

Harriot Elliott

dau 19 U Norwich

James Elliot

son 10 scholar Woodrising

Rachel Elliot

dau 7 scholar Woodrising

6. Hall.

John Wayland

Head 76 Widower Farming 120 acres Middlesex - London
employing 12 men and 2 boys

William Jackson

servant 58 M Butler Berkshire - Thuckfield

Elizabeth Jackson

servant 61 F Housekeeper Essex - West Ham

Isaac Laight

servant 23 U Footman Scoulton

Elizabeth Brown

servant 28 U Housemaid Woodrising

Elizabeth Softly

servant 27 U Cook Hingham

Harriot Lansdale

servant 21 U Housemaid Kirby Cane

7. Hall coach house chamber.

General Elliot

servant 43 M coachman Pulham

Joseph Bond

servant 19 U coachman's helper Woodrising

8. Hall Farm.

Sarah Campling

Head 53 Dairy woman to Hall Southbergh

Catherine Twaits

mother 84 widow formerly Scoulton
farming bailiff's wife

Biddy Twaits

sister 42 U Woodrising

William Garwood

Lodger 34 U 34 U Agricultural Labourer Hardingham

9. Lodge near Scoulton

William Chapman Head 48 M Gardener & Farming Bailiff North Walsham

Rachel Chapman

dau UM Dressmaker Woodrising

Elizabeth Chapman

dau 14 Woodrising

Marianne Chapman

dau 11 scholar Woodrising

10. Cottage near Woodrising & Scoulton Lodge.

Mary Bond

Head 53 widow Laundry woman Sussex - Dean

Harriet Bond

dau 16 U Assistant laundress Woodrising

Emma Bond

dau 13 Woodrising

Arthur Bond

son 6 scholar Woodrising

11. Cottage near Woodrising & Scoulton Lodge.

Philip Fuller

Head 79 Widower Master Woodrising
Carpenter employing 3 men

Susan Fuller

dau 41 U Housekeeper & daughter Woodrising

12. Cottage near church.

Thomas Garwood

Head 39 M Agricultural Labourer Woodrising

Marianne Garwood

wife 41 M Agricultural Labourer's wife Saham Tony

Anna Garwood

dau 4 Woodrising

James Garwood

son 4 Woodrising

Samuel Sutton

father-in-law 78 widower pauper shoemaker Scoulton

Sarah Annn Sutton

niece 7 Hingham

13. Near church.

Thomas Crisp

Head 29 M Agricultural Labourer Woodrising

Elizabeth Crisp

wife 27 M Ag. Labourer's wife Woodrising

Maria Crisp

dau. 1 Woodrising

William E. Crisp

son 1 day Woodrising

Edward Clarke

69 M pauper - agricultural labourer Cranworth

Sarah Clarke

63 M pauper Hardingham

14. Cottage near church.

William Jenness

Head 51 M shepherd Woodrising

James Jenness

son 19 U Ag. labourer Southbergh

William Jenness

son 15 Ag. labourer Southbergh

Susan Jenness

dau. 13

Henry Jenness

son 11 Ag. boy Woodrising

Sarah Ann Jenness

dau 9 scholar

Mary Ann Jenness

dau. 6 Woodrising

Edward Jenness

son 2 Woodrising

15. Cottage near church.

Edward Jenness

Head 54 M woodman Hingham

Rebecca Jenness

wife 63 M woodman's wife Ovington

Maria Jenness

dau. 20 U Southbergh

16. Cottage near church.

David Brown

Head 31 M General Dealer Woodrising
[note added above: cattle dealer in stock]

Rebecca Brown

wife 29 M dealer's wife Cranworth

John Brown

son 3 scholar Woodrising

Henry Brown

son 1 Woodrising

John Brown

father 70 M pauper - ag.labourer Wretham

Catherine Brown

mother 68 M ag .labourer's wife Beeston

17. Cottage near church.

Edmund Jenness

Head 47 M Woodman Woodrising

Hannah Jenness

wife 47 M woodman's wife Scoulton

Marianne Jenness

dau. 22 U Dress Maker Woodrising

William Jenness

son 19 U Ag. Labourer Woodrising

Edward Jenness

son 5 scholar Woodrising

Elizabeth Jenness

dau 3 scholar Woodrising

18. Farm near church.

Esther Stebbing

Head 57 widower Farming 285 Earlham
acres employing 9 men


Stebbing dau 19 U Farmer's daughter

Hannah Stebbing

dau. 15 U Farmer's daughter Woodrising

John W Parfitt

steward 30 U Farming bailiff Lynn

Mary Ann Bushel

servant 23 U House servant Great Ellingham

Happy Lambert

servant 22 U (F) House servant 22 U (F) House servant Shipdham

George Meachen

servant 19 U 19 U Ag. Labourer Hingham

19. Near church.

John Sculfer

Head 56 M Blacksmith (Master) Woodrising

Mary Sculfer

wife 51 M Blacksmith's wife Cranworth

Ann E. Sculfer

dau. 23 U Dress Maker Woodrising

Alice Sculfer

dau 22 U Woodrising

John Sculfer

son 19 U Blacksmith Woodrising

George Sculfer

son 17 U Blacksmith Woodrising

20. Near church.

Simon Crisp

Head 60 M Shepherd Rockland

Elizabeth Crisp

wife 58 M Shepherd's wife Fransham

William Crisp

son 32 U Agricultural Labourer Woodrising

Maria Bales

granddau 8 scholar Hingham

21. Near church.

Elizabeth Garwood

Head 61 widow Ag. labourer's widow Eaton

Robert Garwood

son 28 U Ag. labourer Woodrising

Charles Garwood

son 22 U Ag labourer Woodrising

Matthew Garwood

son 18 U Journeyman Tailor Woodrising

22. Rectory.

Arthur Roberts

Head 50 M Rector Middlesex - London

Elizabeth Roberts

wife 49 M Rector's wife Horning

Mary E Roberts

dau. 15 U scholar at home Hingham

Claudius W Roberts

son 14 U scholar at home Hingham

Elenor A Roberts

dau. 9 scholar at home Woodrising

Kate Lankester

visitor 24 U n.o. Suffolk - Bury

Henry Box

servant 22 U House servant Gloucestershire - Hampton Minster

Susannah Elliott

servant 12 House servant Woodrising

23. Farm near rectory. (See Note, regrading this entry, below)

Charles Boulter

Head 28 M Farmer of 260 Cambridgeshire

acres employing 6 men and 3 boys W[blot]

Hannah Boulter

wife 28 M Farmer's wife Acle

Anne M Boulter

dau 2 Woodrising

Harriot E Boulter

dau 1 Woodrising

Charles E Boulter

son 4 months Woodrising

Harriot Baker

visitor 17 U [n.o] Acle

Ann Dunt (?)

nurse 39 U nurse [not D(?)] Acle

Sarah Winter

servant 24 U House servant Longham

Maria Jenness

servant 15 U House servant Woodrising

Mary Ann Wicks

servant 20 U House servant Southbergh

Miles Smith

servant 24 U Groom Southbergh


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