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Woodrising - Census 1861

Transcription © Copyright E C Apling June 2000 (from whom additional information about Woodrising families is available).
Transcribed from microfilm held by Norwich Central Library.
Original © British Crown Copyright. No responsibility for the accuracy or comprehensiveness of this transcription is implied or accepted by Her Majesty's Stationery Office.


Census 1861

[1239/1 (?)]
The whole of the Parish of Woodrising, including the Hall, Hall Farm & Lodge, Rectory Church green, Church farm cottages, cottages by Arch in the Hngham Road and cottages by lodge in the Scoulton Road.

24 inhabited houses 0 uninhabited

Inhabitants: 47 M 50F = 97

15th April 1861 William Clare Enumerator
18th April 1861 Francis Lee Registrar
10th May 1861 Charles Wright (?) Supt Registrar

1. Hall

Eliza Hardwick

servant 32 U Housemaid Ireland

Rosa Lane

servant 18 U Housemaid Hingham

George Garner

servant 59 M Gardener Woodrising


Sarah Campling

Head 63 Widow Head Dairywoman Southburgh

Rebecca Campling

Granddau. 15 U Housemaid Upwell


William Garwood

Lodger 44 U Gardener Hardingham


Philip Fuller

Head 45 M Carpenter Woodrising

Sarah Fuller

wife 44 Scoulton

William Fuller

son 11 Scholar Hingham

Frederick Fuller

son 8 Scholar Hingham


John Eagling

servant 23 U Groom for Major Wayland Harling


Mary Bond

Head Widow 63 Wash-woman Sussex -Petworth

Arthur Bond

son 23 U Ag-Lab Woodrising

John Sculfer

Lodger 28 M Blacksmith Woodrising

Harriet Sculfer

wife 28 M do - wife Woodrising

June Sculfer

dau. 5 Scholar Woodrising

Elizabeth Sculfer

dau. 2 Scholar Woodrising

8. Scoulton Road

Stephen Alexander

Head 39 M Gamekeeper Suffolk - Dunstall

Elizabeth Alexander

wife 38 M do. wife Hethersett

James Alexander

son 13 scholar Ashwell Thorpe


Philip Bush

lodger 22 U Woodranger Scoulton


Thomas Garwood

Head 49 M Agric.Labourer Hardingham

Mary Garwood

wife 54 Saham Toney

James Garwood

son 11 scholar Woodrising

Anne E.

dau. 14 scholar Woodrising

11. Scoulton Road.

Edward Clarke

Head 52 M Ag.Labourer Cranworth

Susan Clarke

wife 58 M Ag. Labourer Yaxham

William Clarke

son 22 U Carter Woodrising

Jonathan Clarke

son 12 On land Woodrising

Sarah Clarke

mother 73 M pauper Hardingham


William Jenness

Head 60 M Ag. Labourer Woodrising

Charlotte Jenness

wife 53 M Ag. Labourer Longham

Mary A. Jenness

dau. 16 work on land Woodrising

George Jenness

son 8 scholar Woodrising


Charles Bleagson (?)

Head 47 M Ag. Labourer

Mary Ann Bleagson

wife 49 M Deopham

Samuel Bleagson

son 19 U Ag. Labourer Cranworth

Elizabeth Bleagson

dau 17 U Work on land Cranworth

John Bleagson

son 10 Scholar Cranworthj

Catherine Bleagson

mother 79 widow pauper Beeston


Edward Jenness

Head 58 M Woodman Hingham

Harriett Jenness

wife 57 M Scoulton

Edward Jenness

son 15 Woodman Woodrising

Elizabeth Jenness

dau. 13 scholar Woodrising

16. Farm House.

John W. Parfitt

Head 38 M Farmer 300 acres Kings Lynn

5 men, 3 boys, 2 women

Harriett Parfitt

wife 28 M Farmer's wife Woodrising

Lydia Bennington

servant 18 U Housemaid Wendling

Mary Ann Haylet (?)

servant 18 U Dairymaid Carbrooke


John Sculfer

Head 64 M Blacksmith Woodrising

Mary Sculfer

wife 61 M Blacksmith - wife Cranworth

Alice Sculfer

dau. 31 U dressmaker Woodrising

George Sculfer

son 27 U Blacksmith Woodrising


Arthur Roberts

Head 60 M Rector of Woodrising Middx - St. Giles, London

Elizabeth Roberts

wife 59 M rector's wife Horning

Eleanor Ann Roberts

dau. 19 U Woodrising

Mary Light

servant 19 U housemaid Scoulton

Thomas Frost

servant 18 U page Norwich


?? Crisp

Head 40 widower Gardener Woodrising

Rebecca Crisp

dau, 8 scholar Woodrising

William Crisp

son 4 scholar`Woodrising

Elizabeth Crisp

Boarder 66 widow pauper Fransham


Charles Garwood

Head 36 M Ag. Labourer Woodrising

Hannah Garwood

wife 35 M Ag. Labourer Southburgh

Jonah Garwood

son 1 Woodrising


Benjamin B. Baker

Head 40 U Farmer of 268 acres Acle

employing 5 men and 4 boys

Mary Anne Baker

visitor 60 U Suffolk - Herringfleet

Charlotte Stagg

servant 43 U Housekeeper Westfield

Jane Read

servant 16 U Housemaid Southburgh


Robert Purdy

Head 40 M[49?] Ag. Labourer West Bradenham

Harriett Purdy

wife 42 M Hingham

Sarah Ann Purdy

dau. 17 U servant Hingham

George Purdy

son 14 U ag. labourer Southburgh

James Purdy

son 11 ag., labourer Southburgh

Elizabeth Purdy

dau. 5 scholar Woodrising

William Purdy

son 1 Woodrising


Robert Garwood

Head 38 M Ag. Labourer Woodrising

Sarah Garwood

wife 35 M Longham

George Garwood

son 8 scholar Woodrising

John Garwood

son 7 scholar Woodrising

William Garwood

son 5 scholar Woodrising

Sarah Garwood

dau 3 Woodrising


Charles Greaves

Head 49 M Ag. Labourer Gressenhall

Martha Greaves

wife 45 M Ag. Labourer Carbrooke

Mary Ann Parite (?)

lodger 20 U seamstress Carbrooke


John Eagling

Head 54 M Ag. Labourer & Farmer Woodrising

Maria Eagling

wife 51 M farmer's wife Woodrising

Mary Eagling

dau. 19 U farmer's daughter Woodrising

Elizabeth P??

visitor 29 U cook out of place Upton


Robert Thurston

Head 52 M Ag. Labourer [not given]

Elizabeth Thurston

wife 53 M Ag. Labourer - wife Southburgh

Anne Thurston

dau. 18 U servant out of place Woodrising

David Thurston

son 13 U ag. labourer Woodrising

Elijah Thurston

son 9 scholar Woodrising


Henry Lovell

Head 28 M Ag. Labourer Southburgh

-------- St. Nicholas Church --------


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Mitford hundred
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Woodrising Census Transcripts for 1841; 1851; 1871; 1881; 1891; 1901; and Summary of 1911
Directory & other information.