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Woodrising - Census 1871

Transcription © Copyright E C Apling June 2000 (from whom additional information about Woodrising families is available).
Transcribed from microfilm held by Norwich Central Library.
Original © British Crown Copyright. No responsibility for the accuracy or comprehensiveness of this transcription is implied or accepted by Her Majesty's Stationery Office.


Census 1871

The whole of the Parish of Woodrising, including Butler's farm, the Rectory and house by the Church, Cottages and Farm batting on the Road to the Green, including the lodges on Scoulton Road, the Hall Farm, Cottages by the Arch on the Hingham Road and Gardener's Lodge at the entrance to the Park.

Houses - 21 1 uninhabited
Inhabitants: 55 M 39F = 94

6th April 1871 John Sculpher Enumerator
20th April 1871 Francis Lee Registrar
8th May 1871 Charles Wright (?) Supt Registrar

1. Shipdham Road Farm House
Benjamin Baker Unm 51 Farmer of 170 acres employing 10 men, 1 woman and 3 boys Acle
Maria Youngs servant 29 woman Housekeeper (kitchen)
Eliza Bateson do 15 woman Housemaid Wendling

2. Rectory
Arthur Roberts 70 Rector, Farmer 2 acres London, Middlesex
Elizabeth Roberts 69 wife Hornsey
Susan Webster servant 30 woman cook, domestic servant Rockland St. Peter
Jemima Matthew servant` 13 housemaid Lt. Ellingham

3. Shipdham Road
William Crisp Head Widower 52
Gardener, domestic servant Woodrising
Rebecca Crisp daughter 18 U
Housekeeper Woodrising

4. do
Charles Garwood Head Married 42 Ag Labourer Woodrising
Hannah Garwood Wife 43 Scoulton
Jonah Garwood son 11 work on land Woodrising
Charles Garwood son 8 at school Woodrising

5. do.
John Sculfer Head Widower 74 Blacksmith, employing 1 man Woodrising
Alice Sculfer daughter Unmarried 41 School Mistress 17 boys 11 girls Woodrising
John Sculfer son Widower 39 Blacksmith Woodrising
Alice Elizabeth Sculfer daughter 13 at school Woodrising

6. Shipdham Road
J.W. Parfitt Head married 48 Farmer of 300 acres employing 7 men and 3 boys Lynn, Norfolk
Harriet Parfitt wife 39 Woodrising
Thomas W. S. son 4 Woodrising
Matilda Smith servant 30 unmarried Dairy servant Reymerston
Her Unhappyluck Mattwood servant 16 housemaid Griston

Edward Jenness Head 25 married Woodman Woodrising
Hannah Jenness wife 25 Woodrising
George Jenness son 4 at school Woodrising
Hannah Maria Jenness daughter 3 Woodrising
William Jenness son 1 Woodrising
Edmund Jenness lodger 69 widower woodman Hingham

Charles Brown Head 59 AgricLab Cranworth
Mary Ann Brown wife 59 Deopham
John Brown son 20 unmarried Ag.lab Cranworth

10. do.
William Jenness Head 71 Ag.Lab. Woodrising
Charlotte Jenness wife 64 Langholm
Edward Jenness son 22 unmarried Farm Labourer Woodrising
Henry Houghton lodger 29 unmarried do. Gasthorpe
11. Scoulton Road
Thomas Garwood Head 59 Agricultural Labourer Hardingham
Mary Garwood wife 61 Saham Toney
Anna Elizabeth Garwood daughter 24 unmarried Nursery Governess - unemployed Woodrising
James Garwood son 21 unmarried Painter - unemployed Woodrising

12. Scoulton Road
Edmund Clarke Head 61 M Groom & Gardener Cranworth
Susan Clarke wife 67 Yaxham
William Clarke lodger 31 M Farm Labourer Woodrising
Charlotte Clarke wife 29 Farm Labourer Litcham
Robert Clarke son 5 scholar Cranworth
Maria Clarke daughter 4 do. Cranworth
Frederick Clarke son 1 Cranworth
Jonathan Clarke son 2 months Woodrising

14. do (i.e. Scoulton Road)
John Eagling Head 35 Wheelwright Southburgh
Ellen Eagling wife 34 Hingham
Edward Eagling son 11 scholar Southburgh
Thomas Eagling son 10 scholar Southburgh
John Eagling son 8 scholar Southburgh
William Eagling son 6 scholar Southburgh
Frederick Eagling son 4 scholar Southburgh
Alfred Eagling son 1 Woodrising

15. do.
George Garner Head 66 M Gardener Woodrising
Mary Ann Garner wife 53 Gardener Scoulton
Isaac Steele Garner son 24 unmarried Boot and shoe maker Southburgh
James Garner son 14 Farm labourer Southburgh

16. Scoulton Road lodge
William Smith Head 48 M Head Gamekeeper Dorsetshire - Melton
Mary Ann Smith wife 44 Puddletown
Tom Smith son 20 gamekeeper Bere Regis
Emma Smith daughter 18 at home Bere Regis
George Smith son 15 postboy Bere Regis
William Smith son 11 scholar Nottinghamshire - Rufford Kenness (?)
17. Hingham Road. The Hall.
Ann Elizabeth Brown servant 28 unmarried Housemaid i/charge Ashwellthorpe
William Garwood servant 54 unmarried Head Gardener do. Hardingham
Robert Garwood servant 48 unmarried domestic servant Woodrising

18. Hingham Road. Home Farm
Sarah Campling Head widow 74 Housekeeper Southburgh
Robert Warner lodger 20 unmarried under gardener Southburgh

19. do. Lodge
Charles Greaver head 59 M Farm labourer Gressenhall
Martha Greaver wife 54 M Carbrooke
Charles Smith grandson 11 work on farm Norwich
Joseph Smith grandson 9 at school London - St.Clements

20. Do. Lodge
Robert Garwood
Sarah Garwood i/c 45 wife of Robert Garwood in charge of hall Longham
William Garwood son 15 apprentice to shoemaker Woodrising
Sarah Garwood daughter 13 scholar Woodrising
Hannah Reeve visitor 26 unmarried domestic servant Wymondham

21. do.
Robert Thurston head 62 widower Farm labourer Elsing
Eli Thurston son 18 unmarried Farm do. Woodrising
Emily Thurston lodger 40 M At home Stow Bedon
Joseph Thurston son 11 work on land Southbergh (sic ?)
James William Thurston son 6 at school Cranworth
Sarah Thurston dau 3 at home Woodrising

23. Hingham Road
Robert Purdy Head 53 M Agric Lab Bradenham
Harriett Purdy wife 53 do. Hingham
Elizabeth Purdy dau. 15 Athome Woodrising
Rebecca Jude mother-in-law widow 80 formerly farmer's wife Deopham

24. do.
John Eagling Head 61 M Groom and farming 2 a. land Woodrising
Maria Eagling wife 64 East Harling
John Butler son-in-law 28 M Harness maker - visitor Aylshamr
Anna Maria Butler wife 27 visitor East Harling

end of W. Parish

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