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Woodrising - Census 1881

Transcription © Copyright E C Apling June 2000 (from whom additional information about Woodrising families is available).
Transcribed from microfilm held by Norwich Central Library.
Original © British Crown Copyright. No responsibility for the accuracy or comprehensiveness of this transcription is implied or accepted by Her Majesty's Stationery Office.


Census 1881


Superintendent Registrar's Dist: Mitford
Registrar's Sub-District: Shipdham
Enumerator's District
Enumerator: Mr Charles Martin
No.A Woodrising Parish

The whole of the Civil Parish of Woodrising including Dixons and Vassars farms, the Rectory, the Cottage and School near the Church and Green, The Hall, the Bailiff's House, the Lodges on the Scoulton and Hingham roads, and the cottages near the Arch on the Hingham Road.

Charles Martin
? ? ? Lea

Table I
Persons temp absent on the night of April 3rd

The family with servants absent during the season from the "Hall" in London:

8 M 6 F = 16

Table 2
Persons not inhabitants Temp present

On a weeks visit 0 M 2 F = 2

Table 3
On pages 1 to 5: Woodrising Parish
No of schedules 23
Inhabited homes 22
Uninhabited houses 1
Persons: 46 M 47 F = 93

Table 4
Rural Sanitary District of Mitford & Launditch

8th day of April Charles Martin Enumerator
23rd day of April Francis Lee Registrar
28th day of April Walter M Barton Superintendent Registrar

1. Hingham Road to the church and green.
James Brown Head 63 M Farming Bailiff of 163 acres employing 8 labourers, 2 boys and 2 women Ashwellthorpe
Margaret Ann Brown wife 61 F Farm labourer's wife Colney
Alfred Arthur Brown son 20 M Groom Scoulton

2. The Rectory.
Arthur Roberts Head 80 M Rector of Woodrising London,Middlesex
Elizabeth Roberts wife 79 Minister's wife Norfolk - Horning
Susan Tufts servant 72 widow Cook Croxton
Martha Clarke servant 14 U Housemaid Southburgh

3. Cottage Church Green.
William Jenness Head 50 M Farm Labourer Woodrising
Hannah Jenness wife 41 Farm Labourer's wife Attleborough
Eliza Jenness daughter 17 U working on land Little Ellingham
Maria Jenness daughter 12 scholar Little Ellingham
Elizabeth Jenness daughter 9 scholar Little Ellingham
Emma Jenness daughter 6 scholar Little Ellingham
Ellen Jenness daughter 4 scholar Woodrising

4. Cottage Church Green.
Josiah Garwood Head 21 M Agric. Labourer Woodrising
Angela Garwood wife 21 Suffolk - Walberswick
John Sturly Garwood son 3 months Woodrising
Susannah Tufts visitor 21 U formerly domestic servant Scoulton

5. School House. Church Green.
Kate Dempsey Head 44 widow School mistress of 25 children
Leonard Dempsey son 7 scholar Hingham

6. Church Green - cottage.
John Brown Head 25 M Agric. Labourer Woodrising
Sarah Ann Brown wife 24 East Dereham
Albert Brown son 4 East Dereham
Eliza Brown dau. 15 months Woodrising

7. Vassars Farm.
Charles E. Vassar Head 50 M Farmer of 304 acres employing 10 labourers and 3 boys Mattishall
Marianne Vassar wife 49 Great Dunham
Charles Vassar son 23 U Farmer's Son Shipdham
Jesse Vassar son 21 U Farmer's Son Shipdham
Emma E Vassar dau. 15 Farmer's daughter Caston
Sarah Newson servant 28 U Dairymaid Carbrooke
Fanny Page servant 17 U Housemaid Scoulton
8. Near Church Green (cottage).
James Brown Head 21 M Agric. Labourer Southburgh
Harriet Brown wife 35 Southburgh
Hannah Jenness step-daughter 13 scholar Woodrising
William Jenness stepson 11 scholar Woodrising
Arthur Jenness stepson 8 scholar Woodrising
Charles Herbert Brown aon 4 months Woodrising

9. Near Church Green (cottage).
Sarah Brown Head 61 widow Works on land Watton
George Brown son 28 U Agricultural Labourer Southburgh

10. Naer Church Green (cottage).
Charles Brown Head 69 M Agricultural Labourer Woodrising
Mary Ann Brown wife 69 Deopham

11. Hingham Road (corner)(cottage).
Henry Ward Head 27 M Agric. Labourer Carbrooke
Betsy Ward wife 28 Agric. Labourer Thompon
Eliza Jane Ward dau. 11 months Scoulton
12. Edward Eagling lodger 21 U Agric. Labourer Southburgh

13. Scoulton Road (cottage).
William Clarke Head 44 widower Agric. Labourer Woodrising
Robert Clarke son 16 U Agric. Labourer Cranworth
Maria Clarke dau. 14 U at home Cranworth
Jonathan Clarke son 10 cripple Woodrising
Sarah Ann Clarke dau. 6 scholar Woodrising
Frederick Clarke son 4 scholar Woodrising

14. Scoulton Road (cottage).
Edward Clarke Head 72 M Groom & Gardener (afflicted) Cranworth
Susan Clarke wife 80 Yaxham
Maria Whale [??] nurse 31 U Nurse from Institution Norwich

15. Scoulton Road (cottage).
John Eagling Head 46 M Gamekeeper Southburgh
Ellen Eagling wife 44 Hingham
Thomas Eagling son 20 U Agric. Labourer Southburgh
John Eagling son 18 U Agric. Labourer Southburgh
William Eagling son 16 U Agric. Labourer Southburgh
Frederick Eagling son 14 U Agric. Labourer Southburgh
Alfred Eagling son 12 scholar Woodrising
Edgar Eagling son 10 scholar Woodrising
Ellen Eagling dau. 8 scholar Woodrising
Maria Eagling mother ? widow formerly farmer Ovington

16. Scoulton Road (cottage).
Charles Graves Head 70 M Agric. Labourer Gressenhall
Martha Graves wife 66 Carbrooke

17. The Park (Bailiff's Lodge) near Scoulton Road.
Samuel Rose Head 40 M Farming Bailiff 40 acres, employing 2 men
Jemima Rose wife 38 Whinburgh
Bond Head nephew 12 scholar East Dereham
Elizabeth Rawling grand-mother 86 widow cripple (in bed 5 years) Beeston
Sarah Ann Gilson visitor 28 M wife of coachman Cambridgeshire - Great Swaffham
Rose Blanche Elizabeth Gillson daughter temporarily present
4 Suffolk - Herringswell

18. Scoulton Road (The Lodge).
Stephen Grant Head 48 M Gamekeeper Norfolk - Bunwell
Maria Grant wife 43 Gamekeepere's wife Norfolk - Forncett
Albert William Grant son 19 U Under-keeper Bunwell
Anna Maria Grant dau 5 scholar Suffolk - Herringswell

19. The Park. The Hall/
Frederick Chittock Head 28 M gardener in charge of hall, formerly being in land Suffolk - Heckfield
Hannah Chittock wife 28 caretaker Suffoolk - Ipswich
Edith Chittock dau 3 Woodrising
Susannah Beets servant 15 U nursemaid Scoulton

20. Hingham Road (The Lodge).
George Garwood Head 28 M Gardener Woodrising
Ellen Garwood wife 26 Denmark

21. Hingham Road (The Lodge).
Robert Purdy Head 62 M working with garden of hall
East Bradenham
Harriet Purdy wife 62 Hingham
John Jenness grandson 6 scholar Woodrising

22. Hingham Road (Cottage).
Elijah Thurston Head 55 M Agric. Labourer Southburgh
Emily Thurston wife 50 Stow Bedon
Sarah Thurston dau 13 scholar Woodrising
John Thomas Thurston son 11 scholar Woodrising
Israel Frederick Thurston son 7 scholar Woodrising

23. Southburgh Lane (Cottage).
Charles Garwood Head 52 M Agric. Labourer Woodrising
Hannah Garwood wife 53 Agric.Labourer's wife Scoulton
Charles Garwood son 21 U Agric. Labourer Woodrising

------ end of civil parish of Woodrising ------


The whole of the Civil Parish of Southburgh, including Stebbing's farm, The King's Head Inn and cottages on the Green, as far as Clarke's cottages Mill Lane, Rivett's corner late Brasnett's farm, the Ivy Cottages, Russells and late Staithes Cottages on road leading to the Church, the farm near common allotments Hingham-Burgh, Butlers common, Riches cottages adjacent to the boundary of Hingham and Woodrising, Websters row and Eaglings Corner.


The whole of the Civil Parish of Cranworth including Farm and cottages on the Moor., Dowsing Hall's Street, Milker's (??) yard - The Reeling and farms with cottages near the Church green, High common adjoining the Parishes of Letton and Southbergh boundaries and House called "Cranworth White Horse" on the Boundary of Woodrising, Riddles farm lying adjacent to the boundary of Shipdham and Carbrooke.

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