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NEW (Added 20th January, 2006):- Ears of Plenty Historical article from the Economist

(Added 13th October, 2005):- GMCrops Improve Environment Report by PGEconomics UK

(Added 13th/19th April 2001):- Food & Mouth Disease - & Politicians
Article on Genetic Modification (from India)
and The "Precautionary" Principle by Dr. Michael Fitzpatrick

and (Added 22nd April 2001): Book Review:   Enriching the Earth: Fritz Haber, Carl Bosch, and the Transformation of World Food by Vaclav Smil ; MIT Press: 2001. 339 pp. $34.95, 23.95

The following pages and links have been added mainly in response to present media hysteria in relation to GMOs.

  1. May/June2000 Lord Walsingham, Lord Melchett, Paddy & others. (Eastern Daily Press, May - June, 2000)
  2. EDP Answers from the John Innes Centre (17th January 2000)
  3. Support the GM revolution (Eastern Daily Press, 28th May 1999)
  4. And some earlier Norfolk comments (Eastern Daily Press, 23 Feb 1999)

    The second group are links to offical statements and reports on GM and sites maintained by scientists or scientific organisations or individual scientists.

  5. Royal Society General Information.
      The Statement on Genetically Modified Plants for Food Use is no longer on the web.
  6. AgBioWorld Prof C S Prakash, Tuskagee. Member of USDA Advisory Committee of Agricultural Biotechnology
  7. CropGen UK BioTechnologists
  8. NEW:- Prof Philip Stott Professor of Biogeography, School of Oriental and African Studies, London University

    And the third group is general information derived from IFST the Institute of Food Science & Technology (U.K.) whose web-site contains extensive (exhaustively referenced) material on every aspect of food safety.

  9. What are GMOs and should you be concerned?
  10. What are Food Scientists ?
  11. What is the Public Interest in relation to the food supply?

    And finally, some thoughts of my own:

  12. GM Foods and other matters - media mystification
  13. Animal Rights Terrorism

    and from the Eastern Daily Press:

  14. Some Rural Facts [Eastern Daily Press, 10th February, 2001]

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