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This site is devoted to Norfolk Directory and Census Information, Personal Family History and discussions on topics in Science, Politics and Other Norfolk topics.

Each section has its own individual index (two of them for each of the Norfolk sections - either for villages in alphabetical order, or villages in their (Saxon) arrangement in "hundreds"), with links to the other sections.

In each section of the site the index links to individual pages, which have a link back to the section index. [or is planned to, if not, please accept my apologies - and use the back button] with links to other sections. [If this does not work yet, please follow the link to the Welcome page and re-search].

Individual pages often have many links (underlined) leading either to other pages on this site, or to pages on external sites, from which you can return to my site by using the back button.

If you wish to seek further information, or find problems with the site, you are invited to send me a message, either by using the Guestbook (below), or by using the e-mail link (see © )

This site last updated 10th March, 2015.

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