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I am a retired Food Scientist interested in Genealogy;
Norfolk local history and politics,
including Some Norfolk family names; Occupations; Wills;
Census Information:
Alphabetical or by Hundred;
Directory Information: Alphabetical or by Hundred;
and Philately with New Appeal from Dereham Stamp Club.

Science Topics:-
Latest:- Safe AND Sorry [The "Precautionary" Principle] (June 28, 2004)
The "Visit" from Mars
Food Information (Food Safety; GM Foods, etc.); Foot & Mouth Disease
Global warming; Malaria Petition and Animal Rights Terrorism.

General Norfolk Topics:-
Latest: Return of the Natives EDP Article on 1830s emigration to Canada;
Thurton Foundry A Norfolk Foundry ;   Windmills on Norfolk Village Signs
Book Reviews "Miss Reeve" (a Breckland Farm)
Local Obituaries: John Gurney, Arthur Amis, John Lawn, Wilf Page; and Major Richard Coke.
Hingham, Norfolk: The American Connection (with Hingham, MA)

International Politics:
End the Occupation of Iraq
Palestine Troubles [updated 22 May 04]
and Thoughts on the World Trade Centre Attack

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